Be Batman

I have a little challenge for you.
Don’t tell anyone.
I am looking for a creative toy photographer that wants to review the brand new LEGO Batman Two series here on Stuck In Plastic. Yep, you read it right. The full series.
Not just one or two, but the whole twenty minifigures that comes out in January, including two awesome me.

Always Be Yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.Click To Tweet

The fantastic folks at TLG have given the great folks here at SiP a full box for review but the shipping elves at LEGO are super busy with this thing called Xmas and the box will only make it after the official release so we want to take a different approach this time.

What do we offer?

A full set of Batman 2 CMF shipped to you as soon as we get our hands on it here at SiP.
A full-featured article of you and your review on the blog.
I don’t expect the classic LEGO review, but a photographic creative masterpiece featuring the new Batman series with me in a fantastic role of course. In short, a creative challenge.

How to apply?

Hit the comments below and say: Always Be Batman.
The good folks here at SiP will send you an application form to become Batman.
Then you shoot a portrait of me (I am sure you have a Batman minifigure laying around) and a short story on why we should select you. Sure, a little bit self-promotion is OK. I do it all the time.
We like to know the creative soul behind the camera.
Shoot your Batman portrait in the style you would want to do the full feature.
Send the application and the image back to the good folks at SiP.

Why no IG?

Why email? No IG and a simple hashtag this time? Well, we always like to try out new things and the reason why we don’t do IG with a hashtag this time is that we want to keep your review style a little secret and like to get high res portrait image to validate the quality so we can make the selection.

Deadline for submission?

Well until the day the postman rings twice with the new series so we can ship the series straight to our creative photographer. Better hurry. We expect this to be anywhere in the first two weeks of January.

And remember, always be your creative self.
Unless you can be Batman, then ALWAYS be Batman.



Always be yourself. Unless you can be me. Then always be Batman.

36 Replies to “Be Batman”

  1. Hello Strangers and Old Friends Alike,

    I just asked Alfred Pennyworth to sent you all a personal invitation from my personal email account here at Stuck In Plastic, and if the Joker is not playing any pranks right now, you should all have gotten that email. Have a look in your spam folder, as I don’t trust that Joker to not run interference.

    If you did not yet apply, there is still time, and if you did not get that email from Alfred then let me know in the comments below.

    Remember. Always be me.

  2. A Bat Update.

    Alfred just finished sending out the application forms to all of you. Just check your spam folder in case the Joker has run some interference on my private pigeons delivering to your mailbox of choice.

    I have to admit, I can wait to go through all the applications.

    Yours truly.

  3. A quick update from me.

    Everyone should have gotten the application form (please do check your spam folder as The Joker has been seen hiding the messages from people normal inbox).

    At the same time we have started to receive the full applications and we can say that there are a lot of beautiful submissions. We will come back to all the submitted applications early next year, and no later as the 7th January (application absolute deadline is the 5th).

    Over and out.
    Euh, just shout here if you have a question.
    And remember.
    Always be you.
    Unless you can be me.
    Than be Batman.


  4. Hello Good Folks.

    Today the postman rang and we got a big box full of awesome Batman goodies. The entries you all shared with us were nothing less as AWESOME and now comes the hard task of selecting the lucky one that will get the full 20 set to review and showcase here on SiP.

    Our jury is scratching their head.
    I am enjoying a sunny day at the beach with the ducklings. Once the jury has seen the light, they will send me a pigeon and I will keep you all up to date.

    Talk Soon.

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