Happy Xmas

We are not planning to write long and snowy happy Xmas speeches here on SiP. Just a smaller post from all of us to all of you to enjoy the seasonal holidays and celebrate them with family and close ones. Take the time to reflect, be happy and at least in the northern hemisphere, celebrate the return of the light.

Happy Xmas Wishes

Here are some of the cards we sent around the world with some small wishes of happiness and wanderlust.


From the lands of Oulu …
Over the fabutastic world of Hamburg …
Through the ancient light of Paris …
Into the homemade sweaters of Stockholm

From all of us to all of you …

Maëlick, Stefan, Julien and Boris
The SiP Crew of 2017


PS. And Remember, Be Batman. Always Be Batman.

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3 years ago

Merry Christmas to you all.
May you be surrounded by people you love and be blessed with good health, great toys, love and peace!

3 years ago

A happy Xmas to you all.
Enjoy the good folks around you, be happy and have fun.
Lot’s of fun.