2017 is coming to the end and Boris left us freely choose our last word of the year. For me it’s vision. I’ve mentioned that word more than once and it seems to come back to me all the time.

Forming a sentence.

We started the year with Reflection. At that point, I had no idea where these words would lead us. Having moved 3000km to the North I also had no idea where this Adventure would lead me.

Back in Hamburg in 2016, with no idea what 2017 would look like

Then we talked about Inspiration. One of my source of inspiration, Music, led me to a short Project Story. But then it’s the Wanderlust, the Call of the Outdoors, that took the lead. My exploration of the North led me to Norway. Twice. It’s where I started to take pictures with Aria. And because of my obsession with numbers, I had to go back there a third time.

Aria also went to Scotland

But then I had to stop for a while, take some distance and refocus. Understand for which purpose I wanted to use my craftsmanship. I spent time simply having fun with LEGO. Visiting a Big City and making new Dragon friends.

Still playing with my Dragon friends

But it’s laying out a book to print, and reading about photography itself that eventually, made me see clearer where I am going. I ended my last blog post saying I want to focus on what matters.


What matters are the photos that fulfill my vision, the ones that allow me to express what I can’t tell with words.

It’s a story about Travel and Adventure. About Wandering, Exploring the Unknown, the Outdoors, the Landscapes, and Nature. It’s about Determination, Enthusiasm, Excitement, and Perseverance.

Landscapes and Nature

It’s also a story about a Community of Characters bound by Camaraderie. When these characters interact, the interaction is one of Friendship filled with Humor, Fun, and Peace.

Friendship, Fun, and Peace

Towards 2018

But my vision is more than that. Hopefully, I still have time to refine it. Moreover, we’ve got a big project coming up next year and I’m already sure it will help me grow both as a photographer and a human being. But this is another story.

I want to end the year with a final quote, from Todd Hido, that summarizes how I feel now at the edge between 2017 and 2018:

When the time is right, things will come together. In the meantime, try to enjoy making the pictures. Slow down and think about your craft.

Todd Hido
Looking towards 2018
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6 years ago

Maëlick, what a powerful word. Vision. And what a beautiful story. When I asked you to join in this adventure I had no clue where our journey would take us. I had a hope it would grow us all stronger as photographers of toys, and friends alike. I think looking back at twenty seventeen and how your words clearly made a sentence, we did not fail our journey. Closing this chapter of twenty seventeen with vision and turning the page to be ready for our little project in twenty eighteen. I can’t wait to walk the next episodes of wanderlust… Read more »

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