My own “Escape the slug” picture

I am back from a well deserved vacation far from home and work. And I am happy to see that a new photo contest is in progress with #SiPgoesJedi.

When we received the news that TLG (read, The Lego Group) was sending us three sets numbered 6176782: Escape the Slug, for the challenge, I was excited and sad.

I was excited because it is an exclusive set which was only available in 2016 during the “May the Fourth” event and it depicts one of the most iconic scenes of the original Star Wars movies.

But at the same time, since I am part of the jury, I was sad because I will not be able to win one. But I am happy that three lucky and creative winners will receive this awesome prize.

The Rules

As a reminder, here are the rules:

Create a new image with the main actor being made out of LEGO.

The creative image should depict a real or imaginary scene from Star Wars, The Last Jedi.

It should be a new image.

An image that you have not yet used for a similar contest.

An image that you created.

You can submit your image on your preferred social media channel (IG, FB, G+, Flickr, …) and tag it with @stuckinplastic and #SIPgoesJedi.

The jury will select the three finalists based on the creativity and photographic qualities. We may reach out to you prior to the final selection to get a higher resolution image (Instagram is noteworthy low res) to look at the image in detail and hear more on your creative process and thinking. And maybe we will feature you here on the blog as well, so don’t wait until the last day to make your submissions.

The decision of the Jury is final.

The final submission date is the day before the movie release, so December 12th.

My picture for the contest

Anyway, even though I will not be able to win the set, I wanted to be part of the fun.

So I decided to share with you the picture I would have used for the contest.

My idea was simple. I wanted to recreate that famous “Escape the Slug” scene, but with a twist. The main character is still the Millennium Falcon but I wanted to change the slug by another monster. One from another universe that I like. So, I used Smaug, the dragon from the Hobbit.

With the help of an assistant and some Photoshop magic, I was able to use the same setup I used for another picture to maintain the Falcon in the air.

I hope you’ll enjoy this picture and that it will motivate you to be creative for the contest.

May the Photo be with you.

Escape the Dragon
Escape the Dragon

Julien / Ballou34

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