There´s A New Chef In Town

Oh boy, the release of a new generation of collectible minifigures is almost in sight. Almost, as most of us will have to wait until May to be getting their hands on the long awaited pieces of plastic. In order to pass the time we asked some of you to photograph a very first wave of the new buddies and to write down their thoughts about them. Today we’re starting our preview with the first of fifteen (and one mystery) new characters from the Lego universe. Stay tuned as more previews are coming in shortly.

To be honest there´s not a great tradition for hot dogs in Germany. Most people only ever get their hands on one after a shopping torture trip to a well-known Swedish furniture dealer. But thanks to my parents who took my sister and me for countless holidays in Denmark I got in touch with some aspects of this culinary tradition. The happier I was when I learned that Lego´s new series 17 of CollectibleMiniFigures also provides a hot dog vendor! I know there have been others before- just think of the SnackBar from 1979 or the HotDogCart from 2013. Still we had to wait for this chap to be offered not only a single sausage but actually a hot dog and a soft drink on a  serving tray. And the badge on his apron will leave you with no doubt that he really appreciates his job. I´m guessing the hot dog vendor will be seen in many pics to come- surely also in a diner close to you.

There´s nothing like a hot dog after a tough game.

Having been to the studio (and diner) with this one I can hardly wait to get my hands on all other figures from series 17, available from May. Until then I guess I´ll grab a hot dog first…



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6 years ago

Germany has a lot of stuff ending in “wurst” to compensate the hot dogs

6 years ago

ROFL. We should have added the #wienerdipping tag to this post.

6 years ago

I love the diner moc! Cool flooring. Also the cheerleaders in the background are a nice detail. I am excited to get this guy and this whole series!

6 years ago
Reply to  Joecow


The flooring is such a beautiful detail (amongst others).

6 years ago

Great scene, Stefan! I always enjoy visiting and looking around here – and “I’ll be back.”

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