This month our word is travel.

Traveling to faraway destinations, exploring the unknown. Discovering new environments, new light, new sounds, and trying to catch the moment.
The world as our studio.

Some of us shoot mainly in the studio and like to recreate the magic on a blank canvas from the ground up, controlling all the variables, building the scene one strobe at the time. Others like to shoot on location and have the world as their backdrop.

Shooting on location always has that little extra, that unique moment, that imperfection and uniqueness that the studio does not have.
A variable that cannot be controlled.
A variable that influences by design the actual shoot.
A fleeting moment, you can capture only then and there.

You can do some location scouting, you can do some research and pack your gear (and toys) for the unknown, and yet, the unexpected will happen.

And that is what this month’s word is all about.

Travel to the unknown.
Explore the unexpected.
And how we prepare for it (or not).

Some of us are routine travelers and have their kit optimized and ready to go.
Others may pack their car full of gear they actually never use (hmm, did I tell you I took the Black Pearl, the AT-AT and VW Beetle on our last city trip just to be on the safe side, together with two full crates of minifigures I did not touch, except for hauling them into the hotel room and back to the car).

And to make the word more come to live, we have a little exercise created which we will report back on.
A fun little exercise you can do at home as well.

A quick selfie on the road to Cape North.

The travel challenge. 
Select a travel destination that is at least an hour away from your normal surroundings (so you get at least a little bit out of your comfort zone) but feel free to travel to Japan, Lapland or the other end of the rainbow.
Anything goes but it can also be a nearby city or reservation.

Prepare for your shoot.
So do as little or as much research as you want to do and plan an image you want to create there on location. Your mission.
All set and done.
Execute the travel, and shoot the image you had in your mind.
Make it count as it will be part of the story.
And now, get your random quote from the online quote generator (click here) and your favorite theme (star wars and the hitchhiker’s guide are available, you can try it before at home, just generate the final random quote on location) or take the expert level of awesomeness and select random quote on all levels so you step truly outside the comfort zone.
Look at it (take a screenshot so you don’t forget the quote), and shoot an image representing the quote with the materials you brought along.
You cannot call a friend and ask him to bring his Slave 1 to the scene (that is called cheating) but you don’t need to take the quote literally.
Share the experience here on SiP.

And of course, there is more.
Much more. Like traveling series 17 models on their way for a  model session around the globe or prepping for Scotland.

Getting ready for a shoot around the globe. Paris, Washington, …

And now I need to go and pack some bags …





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Stefan/ @herrsm
6 years ago

What a fun exercise! The quote generator is a wonderful toy..err..tool. Looking forward to doing this.

Ps: What a wonderful image of the cornmen- the moment I saw it the word BELGIUM came to my mind. Coincidence? Nah, rather brilliant work ;)

6 years ago

I love that Cape North selfie! It is such a cool scene and to think it was just a quick stop on the road – the framing and scenery are spot on. Great work!

I’ll be traveling to Arizona next week – about a 9 hour drive; and of course I’ll be bringing a bunch of Lego!☀️

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