Design in Photography

I haven’t taken many photographs over the Christmas period, instead I’ve taken Shelly’s suggestion and started looking into training videos. It’s a path I can highly recommend.

I haven’t been watching the tutorials you might expect, I’ve not watched many of the photography videos at all. Training videos that focus on photographic composition and process tend to assume you’re out in the wild taking shots of “found things” and scenes, and that’s not what I do at all. I create my scenes from scratch in the studio, and even when I photograph outdoors I have the photo I want in mind before I take it.

In a similar vein to Kristina’s post yesterday, I’ve found that looking outside of toys and even photography is proving quite beneficial in the quest for better photographs. I’ve gained a lot more benefit from watching the videos on graphic design, page layout, drawing animation, and colour theory that focus on the fundamental principles of creating pleasing things to look at.

A lot of design tips are universal, for example having a single point of focus in a design, or placing important elements to fit the boxes of the golden ratio. Some are a bit specific, but as a side-effect I also know a lot more about fonts and typography than I used to! Not immediately applicable to photography, but it’s never a mistake to learn something new.

Whether I can use these new skills in my photography remains to be seen, but it’s interesting to discover worlds outside of photography that can feed into the ideas for creating a photograph.


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6 years ago

Great post. I’ve used Lynda a lot for work and have found it really useful on a wide range of subjects (although not so great today when I was looking for a decent Lightroom tutorial).

I like the idea of looking at graphic design and colour theory for improving photo composition – do you have any recommendations of videos you found interesting?

6 years ago
Reply to  Balakov

We should start a page with useful Lynda resources as we seem to have a critical mass of Lynda users … will give it a go later on this week !

6 years ago

So true! I’m glad you have found it useful. :)

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