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Last week I wrote a simple little post on how to create a little book with your twelve significant ones to put under the Xmas tree. A little  creative project that triggered some emotions and lots of discussions on metrics and stuff alike.

Todays post is not about looking back and does not involve social metrics. It is all about getting creative this weekend,  look forward and create your own little card to wish your friends and family (and total strangers) a happy Xmas or merry New Year. A simple postcard with your own toy still life photography (action photography from Planet Hoth or The Queens Crocket Ground is allowed to, not to mention some street photography from Rivendell).

Creating your own greeting card is actually very simple and you can do it from a picture you shot earlier in the year, or you can do like me and get creative this weekend and shoot your own little card as a mini project.

Last year I decided to make a little homage to Vesa and his eternal fields of snow on Planet Hoth and had some Benny fun on the side.

An Awesome Tree
An Awesome Tree

Both were printed as a limited edition postcard on Red Bubble and the folks at RB delivered fantastic quality at a pretty OK price. A little known secret is that you can easily upload your own work to RB as private and get your own prints without having to face the take down police of George Lucas, Disney or LEGO because you create what some would call derived or fan art (we talked about this pretty extensively before). So if you want to use the premium postcard awesomeness of RB without the risk of getting policed, just upload them as private.

This year I will give my good friends at Moo a go, and try their luxe edition of postcards. They are not cheap, far from, but I love their creative business cards and eye for quality and detail  and will have to give it a go. At least twice the price of RB, but hey, Xmas postcards are a gift from the heart and they will not contain the RB logo at the back ;)

So, if you have not yet decided on Xmas postcards this year, then get creative, get your own shoot tomorrow, package it and get your own cards from your local dealer or online pimp like RB or Moo.

And yes, if you want to exchange exclusive Xmas cards with me, just let me know in the comments below and maybe we will be exchanging NY cards this years …


PS: If you want to try out Moo, and get a 10% reduction of your first business cards or postal card, you may want to use my personal referral link by clicking here, but you can off-course also just head over to moo.com directly. This is not about making money. It is all about sharing the love of giving post cards.

My Little Avanaut Homage
My Little Avanaut Homage
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8 years ago

I was already thinking about sending a card along with every book- but who doesn’t appreciate some extra new year’s greetings?
Please do count me in and I’ll be getting creative tomorrow!

8 years ago

I actually just ordered some Moo postcards (but only the standard ones!) to send out with my book! Only ordered 10 to see what they print like but I’m a big Moo mini cards and sticker fan! :D

8 years ago

I would do it (this is also true for the photo book exchange) if I could just make a decent photo. ;)
I still have some cards left from your last year’s xmas photo. Thanks for sharing!!!

7 years ago

I’ll give this a try this year. I used Moo for business cards, but have never tried any of their other printing services.

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