The European Edition – Part I

Not sure if Chris Pratt will join us in Stockholm, Sweden this summer for our first ever Stuck In Plastic Photo Walk on the Old Continent, but he will be more than welcome, as are you!

At the end of August, in Vaxholm (which is just outside of Stockholm in the middle of its most wonderful Archipelago), we are planning to make this photo meet up an event you will not forget and actually want to be part of!

We will begin our adventure on Friday evening by welcoming our international visitors that are traveling across Europe and we will settle them into one of the most iconic locations of Vaxholm; it’s historic castle surrounded by water and one of my most favorite non plastic subjects (so yes, you can be sleeping in the castle below).

Vaxholms fästning, Vaxholms kastell, Vaxholm, Sverige
Vaxholms fästning, Vaxholms kastell, Vaxholm, Sverige (thanks to Wiki Commons)



On Saturday afternoon we will be meeting up with everyone in Vaxholm for a deep dive in the wonderful world of toy photography and not only meet up with some good old friends from Continental Europe but also initiate some new young Swedish Talent into the art of taking plastic places. Just head over to Vaxholm and bring your gear (plastic and camera) along and some good vibes, the rest will just come …

Shelly (Seattle), Vesa (Helsinki) and Boris (Vaxholm) are confirmed hosts and we will show you not only the deeper insights of shooting plastic in natural light, but rumor goes there will even be a class into some strobic effects you can try at home (did anyone say Finnish snow ?)

We will close the evening with a Fantastic Swedish Cray Fish Party and include some classic Swedish Traditional Songs (the dinner is 100% kids safe, so feel free to include your young ones in the whole day) and offer a room with a view for those who are living a few Swedish Miles away from Stockholm and would like to return home on Sunday (exact details to be confirmed).

Did we mention a sunrise photo shoot on Sunday and combine long exposure, HDR, bokeh and plastic all together with some scrambled eggs and bacon ?

When ?
Saturday 29th August 2015
Photo Walk starts at 15:00 CET, but there is a lot before and after to be part of.

Where ?
Vaxholm, Stockholm, Sweden

What ?
If you are living in Stockholm, reserve the date, you and your kids or parents dont want to miss this unique opportunity.

If you are not living in Stockholm, yet you are one of us (read you like plastic and want to join), please get your travel sorted to and from Stockholm, Sweden and we will assist you with the rest. We have seven rooms reserved in the Bed and Breakfast for Friday and Saturday; first come, first served and only four rooms have a sea view.

The rest of the program is in flux, depending on the feedback you give us. Hence, share and respond and let us know if you want to join !

Next Step ?

Let us know in the comments below, or use the contact us, if you are planning on meeting us in Vaxholm, Stockholm, Sweden, Europe on August 29th. You don’t want to miss this exclusive Photo Walk, Fantastic Dinner and Deep Dive into being Stuck In Plastic.

The entire SiP Crew will be there to welcome you and Me2 will share most if not all of his secret locations around the archipelago, but we will need your help in planning. So please give us your feedback  and then prepare yourself for an incredible weekend of friendship, toys and most wonderful locations !travellers-001-169



Save the date !

August 29th

Me2 & the rest of the gang !

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8 years ago

Yes please! Count me in on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Is there still a room with a view available?
Greetings from Hamburg,

Shelly Corbett
8 years ago
Reply to  HerrK

I’m so happy you will be joining us HerrK! If a room with a view is not available, you can have mine.:D

Stefan Kumlien
8 years ago

I’m gonna be in Stockholm that weekend so I plan to come :) Got a hotelroom in Stockholm already.

8 years ago
Reply to  Stefan Kumlien

Excellent! It will be great to meet you. As our plans firm up, we will post more info here. But if you need information sooner, feel free to e-mail myself or Me2!

Stefan Kumlien
8 years ago

I will keep my eyes open :)

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