SiP goes Sweden 2023 – Part 1

It’s Been A While…

After 3 years of a small global issue preventing a SiP toy safari from taking place in person, it was time for some crew and friends of SiP to gather for a toy safari once again. Previous locations had been Paris in 2018 and Billund, Denmark in 2019 . This time it was the turn of Sweden. Karlholmsbruk to be precise.

David (@davidgraika) and Estelle (@my_name_is_c3po) were lucky enough to take part in the safari and are here to share their experience below.


Welcome to Sweden, Estelle- Photo by David

When the project was presented, I read and reread the posts. I went to the blog, I was following channel and every new message on the Discord channel that was dedicated to it. Obviously I really wanted to participate, so I signed up!!!

And then I wanted to cancel. I had always wanted to do it but I was also very afraid. I’m shy, I don’t have much confidence in myself and I was afraid of not being up to the task. But my husband told me: Too late, you signed up, you’re going!!

“You signed up- you’re going!”, Photo by Stefan M

We arrived at SiP´s new headquarters, Vita Magasinet in Karlholmsbruk on Thursday afternoon, very excited and happy to meet everyone. These were the people, with whom we exchange contact with every day on the social channels, without really knowing or having met them. A toy safari is above all a beautiful human adventure, the meeting of very different people around a common passion.


David after having gotten up much too early- Photo by David

It starts early on a Thursday morning, when your flight is due to take off at 7:10, which means that you need to check-in around 45 minutes (to two hours) beforehand. Add 30 minutes for the drive from home. I´ll let you do the maths. Oh, a shower and coffee took some more time, too.

At Arlanda’s airport, Boris was like Sasha the pokemon trainer: trying to catch us all, using a LAAAARGE SIP sticker the size of a dining plate. I´ve got to tell you, it worked perfectly. Just like when I go to the mall and see the LEGO Store (or as some would say like the mosquitos when they see your arms, but we’ll talk about this later).

Come here, little Pokemons toyphotographers, Photo by Boris

So, Boris picked up me and Stefan (@a_toyphotographer), and then we moved to the other terminal to catch Ingrid (@lego.sven) and Julien (@Ballou34). And the trip really started here!

Once in the place, we discovered Vita Magasinet for real and saw how lovely it is. Boris showed us all rooms (even the secret xxxxx), ending with the plan for the weekend. Here, you have to understand a big white board with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of information on it.

Another point of attention was the ice cream. There are different flavours you can buy at Vita Magasinet, but when picking the pots, be careful not to grab the “Magic Moose” or “Disco Duck” flavoured pots, as they’re for dogs. Yes, dogs… Unless of course, you are buying it for the dog!

Then mission one was released… it’s a story with a castle, a queen, knights, and steampunk. To be honest, I’m not sure it was a real mission. My opinion is that Boris told us it was a mission, just like you tell to a bunch of kids they have to do something, having only one goal in mind: keep them busy the time you need to finish cleaning the room or cooking something.


Everyone takes out their camera, their toys and start snapping on all sides around me. Me, a blank page! I don’t know where to start, what figurine to use or what photo to take. What story shall I tell? I observe the others and it’s exciting. I wonder what they have on their minds and how they work. Do they know exactly where they are going to?

They come to reassure me and encourage me. (Thank you David) So I start taking pictures. Around 7 p.m. I begin working on mission two. I move away a little, manage to get into my bubble and start taking my photos. Yes, I think I’m relaxing!!


I have to admit we have had a lot of fun playing with the big castle, dinos (yes, Maëlick was here), steampunk incursions, and… an army of ducks! Stefan tried the solid fog in a glass of water. And then, we were more than happy to share pizzas from the best pizzeria in town. OK, it’s also the only pizza place in town.

First dry ice, then the best pizza in town- Photo by Stefan M

Boris then gave each of us a SIPgoesSweden2023 package: two keyrings (one with the SIP logo, the other with the Vita Magasinet logo), an awesome t-shirt, and the bingo grid.

Part of the team decided to call it a day and went to the hotel, whilst the others started playing pool. Estelle won!

Want more?

Do you enjoy reading the adventures of these two toy photographers? Yes, of course you do! And their adventures are not over yet. Come back in a few days to read about the rest of the toy safari and their adventures in Karlholmsbruk.

If you would like to see some more of the images that the other photographers took during the weekend, check out the hastag #SiPgoesSweden2023

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Estelle Guyot
Estelle Guyot
1 year ago

Awesome I love the construction of the article !!
Thank you again for allowing us to live this experience ❤️

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