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Photography is traditionally a solitary pursuit. No matter how many people are with you there’s normally only one person looking through viewfinder, one person pressing the shutter release. But a collective of photographers? How does that work?

When I was asked to join the 100% Stuck in Plastic collective I didn’t really have any idea what it would be like. I’m still very much the new kid on the block in the group, but I have noticed an immediate change in my photography. I’m thinking about it much more.

Coming up with ideas for posts and thinking up photographs to illustrate them seems to keep photography at the forefront of my thoughts, which is not a bad thing. The more you do something, the better you become at it, and the better you become at it the more you enjoy it.

This evening I’ve dusted off my old LensBaby lens, a lens that I’ve never got on with, to see if I can wrestle some decent photos out of it. I’m even upgrading my printer so I can have a play at doing some of my own prints. All of this coming about by having photography thoughts in my head more often.

I’m also immersed much deeper in the photographic community than I was before. Just reading the blog posts by the rest of the Stuck In Plastic crew (and guests) is exposing me to names I hadn’t heard of before. Not just photographers either, I didn’t know who Chris Pratt was until Shelly’s post!

So even though I’ve barely done much more than write a few blog posts, Shelly, Boris and Vesa have already provided inspiration and motivation to play with the camera a bit more. Thanks guys :)


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8 years ago

Mike it is a true pleasure to have you as a member of the collective, I am glad you took a leap of faith and joined us. I also have a love hate relationship with my Lens Baby. And I am so glad to hear you will start printing your own work. As a photographer you really haven’t done the most you can with any print until you print them yourself. I will be interested to see what you can do with both the lens and your printer.

I have no words for your Chris Pratt confession. Seriously??? Bwahahaha!!!!!

8 years ago
Reply to  Balakov

Who is this Bradd guy ?

8 years ago

Chris Pratt, isn’t he the new Indiana Jones?

No, seriously, a very good post, Mike, and an interesting angle to look at all this. I never thought how being a member of SiP has affected my thinking, but now that I read your post, it is quite obvious. Very glad to have you on board!

Love the header photo! Dibs for the red, they’re supposed to be the pilots.

Shelly Corbett
8 years ago
Reply to  Balakov

Excuse me but red is obviously me. So Vesa I vote you take the black; stealth mode and all that. Boris can be yellow – the brainy one of the bunch.

Chris Pratt is not confirmed for Indiana Jones, but he is an awfully good fit.

Mike did you even see the LEGO movie? He is the voice of Benni. Just checking your credentials…

Classic Space men and their color meanings:

Blue: Soldier / Guard
Red: Pilot
White: Explorer
Black: Spy
Yellow: Scientist

8 years ago
Reply to  Shelly Corbett

What do you mean red is obviously you? I called dibs on it first!

I’m not going Reservoir Dogs over this, however, I’ll gladly switch to black, it’s cool, it’s stylish, it’s Steve McQueen. :)

Now I just have to hit a webstore and buy me a black spaceman.

As for Chris Pratt, he is too obvious a choice to play Indy, but if he ever lands the role, I can live with it. He was ace in GotG, which is a surprisingly good movie in it’s genre.

8 years ago
Reply to  Avanaut

I wanna be pink :)

I luv my flowered pink Doctor Martins

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