Almost a year ago Shelly and I posted our first post here on Stuck In Plastic and celebrated this with a post on Instagram which we tagged to #stuckinplastic.

Our idea was to simply link our own posts with a tag and we actually never planned to grow this any further, and just keep as a reference for us.  You, our dear friends have decided otherwise. You all have been tagging some of your work to #stuckinplastic and today we have a good 4,5K pictures tagged to #stuckinplastic or an average of 12 pictures a day and a unique collection of lego photography that is  a small salute to our shared love of LEGO photography.

A wonderful collection we will be browsing more and start picking our own artistic Stuck In Plastic #featurefriday here on our blog …

Now wait, today is Thursday so tomorrow is … ?

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5 years ago

It may sound cheesy but I suppose by creating “#stuckinplastic” you kind of gave a home to many, a place for the lonely toyphotographers and lovers of Lego, a shelter for those snapping scenes of arranged plastic and who wouldn’t dare to show their neighbours in the first place. Now as we see we’re not at all the only ones it fills us with pride and a smile to use the tag!

5 years ago
Reply to  Stefan

Thanks Stefan.

We for sure don’t mind coming out of the toy closet and take our pictures places !