Feature Friday: The Vienna Man

This is our very first Feature Friday post where we take a light dip into the inspirational work that has been tagged to #stuckinplastic not just this last week but even the last month or year. We will explore the deeper grounds of social toy photography on IG and beyond and feature not only great artists, but also look at interesting trends (did you know shooting Harley turns you into a pro instantly ?) and explore noteworthy tags (we could not find one #playmobil in the #stuckinplastic feed, although there are 200K pictures tagged to this plastic object on IG, but that is for a next #ff) that seems to interact with ours.

And it is indeed in this category, of awesome tagging and crowd sourcing that we have selected our very first feature. A feature that goes to the awesome Hot Dog Man who took Wiimans Wienerdipping to a complete new level and will continue to inspire a complete generation of toy photographers. It shows us not only that wiener dipping is cool but that there is a hidden subtext in some of the more adult toy photographers surrounding us (the inner child ?).

I am sure that our Vienna Man will become a most iconic figure in our collective toy memory in the years to come.

[instagram-feed type=hashtag hashtag=”#theresalwaysabiggerwiener” imageres=full showcaption=false]

Now, lets move on to some more serious business ….

Ketchup anyone ?


Featured Image from the one and only @brett_wilson. Probably.

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