Meeting half the SiP crew


Hi to the Stuck in Plastic community!
You probably don’t know me.
I am Karine.
I’m the humble owner of a toy photography blog (wait, what?!) and I had the chance to meet @ballou34 and @Me2 three weeks ago in Paris.
Me meeting half the Stuck In Plastic Crew.


Everything started in January, when I read on the blog that Stuck in Plastic was part of an exhibition in Paris in February.
It made my blood boil!
A Toy Photography exhibition in Paris?
With people I follow every day?
Let’s check my schedule….

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Art Exhibition – Le 6 Brick

From February 8th through February 25th, 2018, the 6b Community Organization will be hosting the First International Contemporary Art Exhibit related to the use and usages of LEGO® bricks in the city of light, Paris, France.

The exhibit will feature some thirty internationally acclaimed artists, who all use the same medium as a basis for their work and for further research and included the creative toy photography collective, Stuck In Plastic.

The show will also allow for the artists coming together in the same locale – le 6b- to work within a space which focuses specifically on sharing, creative endeavor and networking, or what amounts to the spreading of others’ arts and information.

The participation in the exhibit of active residents and interns of the 6b Community Organization, as sponsors and artists, is also in keeping with the members’ grassroots beliefs. The exhibit and its organizing allow for the members of the 6b to expand their own networks and creative processes,  and to work, via the LEGO ® medium, alongside other new artists.

SiP goes Le6Brick

I started this year looking back at the past and I talked about future projects for the beginning of the year.
It is now time to tell you more about one of this project.


During three weeks, the collective Stuck in Plastic will have pictures on display near Paris during an exhibition called “Le6Brick”. Continue reading “SiP goes Le6Brick”