Meeting half the SiP crew


Hi to the Stuck in Plastic community!
You probably don’t know me.
I am Karine.
I’m the humble owner of a toy photography blog (wait, what?!) and I had the chance to meet @ballou34 and @Me2 three weeks ago in Paris.
Me meeting half the Stuck In Plastic Crew.


Everything started in January, when I read on the blog that Stuck in Plastic was part of an exhibition in Paris in February.
It made my blood boil!
A Toy Photography exhibition in Paris?
With people I follow every day?
Let’s check my schedule….

How cool is that?
I’m in Paris for work the week of the opening!

Le 6B

The exhibition was taking place in the “6b”, which promotes art through creation and culture spreading. It is located in the north of Paris’s suburb. Called the “6bRICK”, the exhibition gathers several artists (photography, plastic art, video, etc.), with one thing in common: the LEGO brick.
I went to the grand opening on Thursday evening, where I met @ballou34 and @Me2, who were so friendly and enthusiastic about the exhibition and toy photography in general.
I was amazed by all their photos (including @reiterlied and @herrsm, of course). 12 big pictures, for the 12 words they worked on last year.
It’s a strange feeling to finally see toy photography “for real”, in big format, right in front of me.

Me2 on the floor just before the grand opening.
And more smaller work in A4 size.

Other artists’ works were interesting as well: nice jewelry made of bricks, art with LEGO or in the shape of a LEGO, construction with other toys. Everything is possible with a LEGO brick!


I came back on Saturday afternoon for the Toy photography initiation with @ballou34.

Edgard, my little skeleton, finally met his Lego fellow!

Edgard meets his LEGO fellow friends …

We had a lot of fun this afternoon, chatting and laughing, making pictures of toys in the exhibition area.

And our teacher of the day had some LEGO gifts for all his afternoon students, thank you!

A fun afternoon workshop amidst a lot of LEGO.

You can have more info on the official Le6BRICK website here.

And I am seriously considering to go back to Paris later this year to meet the other half of the SiP Crew on the SiP goes Paris Toy Safari.

So, maybe we meet in Paris again.


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6 years ago

How awesome! Do come to Paris in June! I’d love for our Skellies to hang out together! :D

6 years ago

Hej Karine,

It was awesome to meet you in Paris and get to know Edgar a little better. It is always strange to see yourself laying on the ground taking pictures, but I am sure I can return the favor when we meet in Paris again later this summer :)


6 years ago

Hi Karine!
Glad you enjoyed meeting one half of the crew. Looking forward to meeting you in June and take some pics that will go to the bone ;-)

6 years ago

I wish I could have been able to attend the exhibition in Paris. Well I guess we’ll have the opportunity to meet in Paris in three months ;-)

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