Best Photo of 2019?

Every year, towards the end of the year, Flickr creates a group called “Your Best Shot”. This year’s group will be open on Monday.

Every year, it is an occasion for me to reflect on my own photography. Decide what is my favorite and most representative photo of the year. Reflect on a journey and think about how to plan the future. But this year I actually have a hard time choosing a single photo.

For the past four years, choosing my favorite photo has been relatively easy. From the time I had taken and edited each of them, I had that feeling of “it might be the best of this year”. But so far, it didn’t happen in 2019.

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How to Judge a Good Photo via Social Media

It’s time for me to beat my favorite dead horse: metrics. I talked ages ago about The “Like” Trap and more recently The Problem with Metrics and I don’t feel any differently about any of it now. But Me2’s post yesterday on how he chooses his Little Book, plus events in my own life, compel me to revisit this issue. Continue reading “How to Judge a Good Photo via Social Media”

The best of 2015

  • create your best of 2015 photo book.
  • Give a copy of your book to all participants and in return you get a copy of the other books in your mailbox.

If you want to join you have until 1st of december to do so…

  • All In: Exchange with everyone. This is the most complete experience, and gives you nineteen beautiful and unique books (and some personal handwritten notes) in return. We understand this takes a financial commitment, as you not only need to create your own book, but also need to buy twenty books (each easily cost 15€) and then you need to handle shipping as well.
  • Blind Date: Exchange with random six. This gives you at least a flavour of the unique experience this is, while it saves a little on the budget and adds a thrill to the unknown. At least two random SiP members included.
  • SiP Only: Exchange only with the four of us. A more cost effective way to join the exchange for the very first time and get hooked for next year.