The LEGO Colosseum

I can tell you I was really surprised when I got the notification that I was receiving a package from LEGO with a weight of 12+ kg.

12+kg? What would that be???

So after a morning at work, I rushed home and gladly I was on time… and there it was a huge package!!!
I was thrilled to open it!!

So when I opened it… I couldn’t believe my eyes and I could only say WAUW…WAUW…WAUW!!!

(A little note: I like the new design of the boxes with the bricks and black. I saw it also on the new Sesame Street set!!)

I used Benny to show how big the box is
You can see the four smaller boxes inside

Well back to the colosseum… the package looks very luxurious and classy.

When I opened the big box… there were four boxes inside it.

So four stages to build this wonderful Colosseum.

The Build

So I started with box 1.

Wauw… so many parts in it… and a beautiful instruction book.

So let’s start… I like the technical building parts for the bottom… so nice to use these technics so you get a solid substrate.

By using this technic you won’t make it heavy.

Building the first box was fun!

Opening the second box was again a little surprise feeling… so curious what’s about to be built next.

In the second box, there was also an instruction book… Leafing through the instruction, you can see beautiful photos from the amphitheater from how we know it looks like nowadays. And awesome stories by the designers! I’ve never been to Rome, only to Verona…. and that was amazing too!

Building the second part was sometimes a struggle with the plates. While building the bottom of the middle section of the ruins, the salmon 2×4 plates came loose in the middle. Maybe I pushed too hard but I had the two plates replaced for the gray ones

I thought I should replace them now when I could still turn the platter… at box four that would be more difficult.

After that I could start building the front, the lower part of the build. 

I don’t know if you all have a system for looking for the parts, but when I open a bag I’m sorting every part together on color (this time it wasn’t hard to sort the colors ;-) 

It is then much easier to search than having all the parts in one container together.

Well, building the second box was a lot of the same but Awesome to see the technic for building every section.

It’s very nice that you can see through the arches.

The structure of box two was already taking shape! And yes it was a lot like the same but I liked it!!

And then we have the third box (and a part of the fourth box)… I think that was my favorite part to build. Also there was an instruction book included with information.

It is the higher part of the build and every section was different to build and that was so nice.

There are so many details in it like the rollerskate part that was used to make the columns!! 

The result after the third box was stunning… now the building is coming to life.

I always feel a little bit sad when opening the fourth box. Just like reading the last pages of a book… the story is gonna end and actually, you want to postpone it as long as possible because you want the story to go on! ;-)

Well, my mind needed a reset because all the time we build with a view of the left side of the sections and now I had to build it with a view on the right side of the sections.

Maybe it’s me but that took some switching hahahhaha.

I also loved the finishing touch with the parts on the front of the building and with the olive trees and little Fiat cars.

The Final Model 

Again WAUW….WAUW…WAUW! What an outstanding build with so many beautiful details… I loved to build it and I will recommend it to everyone… There is only one thing: I need to buy a new dressoir to display it! ;-)

The price of this fantastic build is €499,-

Here are some specifications which I have taken over from the page.

Bring to life your own brick-built model of the mighty Colosseum with this engaging and rewarding LEGO® Colosseum (10276) model kit for adults.

With an astounding 9,036 pieces, this Colosseum model is the biggest LEGO® set ever (as at November 2020), providing hours of relaxation for adults who love building sets.

This Colosseum architecture model measures over 10.5” (27cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide and 23.5” (59cm) deep. With 9,036 pieces it’s one of the biggest LEGO® sets in the world, but is easy to lift and turn.

Hope you enjoyed my review!!

Hugs Natasja

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3 years ago

Awesome review Natasja! :) If you had to choose your favourite brick from the set, which one would it be? :)

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