Embracing emotions


Emotion, what is it? Well, emotion is defined as the natural instinctive result of a stimulus, whether that be mood, circumstances, or relationships with others. Thinking on this definition, emotions are sometimes seen as weak and vulnerable in today’s world. But I think we shouldn’t be afraid to share our emotions, we should embrace them and let them shape us. It’s not good to keep them bottled up because that breaks us down inside.

Encompassing more than one emotion

So, in creating my photo for this week, I took that into account. I wanted to make a photo that encompasses several emotions, while also showing that sharing them with others is okay. I think this word actually includes some of the past and future words, and that it is essential for us, as human beings, to have and share emotions (at least we will be able to tell humans from robots).


Bennett McKinney/@LegoRunner


And remember, if you’d like to participate in the #SiPgoes52 challenge, all you have to do is shoot, and post!
Choose one or two. Choose all. Or choose the ones that speak to you.
Just use the hashtag of the week and #SiPgoes52 , that way, we’ll all be able to see it!

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5 years ago

Bennett, I think you hit the spot here: nice words and an underlining photo- well done!
(And as I had some similar set-up in mind, I’ll have to rethink my plans..) ;-)

Lynn Moore
5 years ago

I enjoyed this post. I like your comment about being able to share our emotions. You’re very right that we shouldn’t keep our emotions bottled up! Fantastic photo too :-)


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