Week 5: Security

The word ‘secure’ entered the English language in the 16th century. It is derived from Latin Securus, meaning freedom from anxiety and so it has been with us as a concept since the early days. The combination of the two Latin words, se (without) and cura (care, anxiety), resulted in the modern word security.

But security has a wide range of other senses.

Security refers to the freedom from, or the resilience against, potential harm from external forces and is hardwired into our social structures.

It can also be the absence of harm (e.g. freedom from want), the presence of essential goods (e.g. food security), the resilience against potential damage or harm (e.g. secure foundations), secrecy (e.g. a secure communication), containment (e.g. a secure cell), and a state of mind (e.g. emotional security).

And again this week, we saw on social media all of these coming back in this week’s submissions.

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The Tribe

As a term, security is most commonly used to refer to protection from hostile forces.

Us versus them.
Protecting us from predators.

Insecurity, when a predator threatens the tribe…


Freedom from Want

Julien’s take this week combines a lot of elements of security. From making sure the tribe behaves, but also limiting the freedom of wanting a hotdog on the death star.

Keeping track of freedom on the Death Star…

Security as Containment

Curious what is in the secure room… Stefan’s take on security this week.

Emotional Security – Part I

Chris view on the world under the safety of a blanket is a very good example of Emotional Security.

Nothing beats a blanket …

Emotional Security – Part II

A similar take was Boris submission, reflecting on the emotional security of packing for the exhibition in Paris next week.

Feeling emotionally secure in our working suits.

Emotions rising

We really like the interaction and feedback on exploring these deep human values and what they all mean for us.
This is just week five, but the entries go deep.
From fun security winks to deeper reflections.
We’re very curious about what next week “emotions” will bring.

And next week we have Paris and lots of emotion.

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6 years ago

Very useful article Week 5: Security

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