Kai doing Kendo in the garden

A waiting Kendoka

Kai was lonely.

His brother had gone to Japan to learn from the top Sensai and was due to return any day! Kai waited by the door (in Seiza of course) on the day he was due to arrive, but the doorbell never rang. It turns out, Kai’s brother had posted himself back to the UK and was lost in the postal system!

Kai practicing Seiza whilst waiting by the door.

All Kai really wanted someone to fight with at Kendo again. All the other Kendoka were far bigger than him, and it scared him to go to the dojo alone! (Although being strong of heart and mind, he went anyway!)

Kendo Kai at the dojo
Kai attends the local dojo – ‘Are all the Kendoka here so tall?’

Kai will keep waiting for his brother to show up. He must be somewhere in the system, waiting to escape from the envelope!

In the meantime, Kai is practicing some Suburi in the garden so he can show his brother how much he has improved whilst he has been away!

Kai doing Kendo in the garden
Kendo takes a lot of hard work, but Kai is determined to do his best

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SiP note. This story is part of the Gone Fishin series where we continue to creatively review the latest Ninjago Series.

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6 years ago

Such a beautiful story behind the scenes.
And beautiful images.
I really do hope Kai brother makes it home.
I am sure they will have amazing stories to tell and adventures to share.

That Seiza image and pose is just gorgeous.


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