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Today I´ve got two topics that I´d like to share with you. The first is a quick update:

At the end of May parts of the StuckInPlastic team will be attending the Recognized LEGO Fan Media Days at TheLegoGroup (TLG) in their hometown in Billund, Denmark. It is a unique occasion to meet some of the designers of sets that are so dear to us (and hopefully to sneak a peek inside the Lego factory or the new LegoHouse that will be open to public from September on). When Boris went there last year he asked the community “What would you ask?”.


Our crew is looking forward to the new LegoHouse , located in the heart of Billund, Denmark.

This year I´ll be the lucky one getting to feel like Charlie visiting the chocolate factory and I, too, would like to ask you, our friends/readers/fellow brick buddies, what you´d like to know from the people at TLG.

Of course we did prepare our questions so we won´t have to deal with embarrassed silence or conversations about the weather.                                     But: If there´s something you always wanted to ask about Lego but never dared to or you simply never knew who to address then here´s your chance. Just use the comments section below to leave your questions and we´ll do our best to get some answers. We´ll write about our visit, the interviews and your answers from June on here on the blog. And whilst in Billund we´ll already be sharing some first impressions and live footage with you on IG or FB.


The second thing on my mind is me asking you:

Personally I´m a huge fan of the Architecture sets provided by Lego. I like the small scale buildings and landmarks and am fascinated how one easily recognises a famous object.

Approaching the Airport of Billund
(Tusind og en tak , Tine og Lasse!)

The only problem I have:

To date I haven´t found a satisfying way to take their pictures. When snapping minifigures you usually get to eye level to make an image seem realistic (or as good as it gets). But how do you capture an Architecture set?

Do you get down on the  floor or chose the bird´s-eye view?

And what lens do you use?

What is the best lighting and what´s a good backdrop?

Are these by chance some questions you´ve asked yourself before, too? If so what answers did you come up with? Even if you´ve never thought about it before I´d love to read your ideas. Maybe I can learn from them or maybe together we can find some answers. Thank you in advance for sharing.




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  1. First on the questions I would ask… and quite seriously… why is postage so darn expensive from the Lego.com store? To ship to Australia it’s AU$25 for orders under AU$200. Given we already have to pay a bunch for the sets because of our dollar (which is a number that only seems to rise when you dollar falls but did not go down when our dollar was almost parity a few years back) it’s painful to think that Lego isn’t ripping us on the postage, surely they get pretty good shipping rates given their volume.

    And on pricing, when selling into a weaker market surely it would make more sense for them to not try and capture the same markup in all markets. Take for example the DVD market in China, those things (when they were a thing) were dirt cheap in China to try and combat the counterfeit market, while in Australia and other countries we were still paying $25-$50 per DVD, they were paying $2.

    While I have only once bought a Lepin product (just to see the level of copying, it was purely abject curiosity) Lego’s high prices in our region I’m sure make it more attractive for parents to buy the counterfeit products over Lego. And parents are finding it. My sister bought one for my niece last Christmas much against my protestations.

    Now on to architecture… I LOVE the new iteration of them, the inclusion of colour has made them so much more attractive. I personally wouldn’t buy them for the purpose of photographing them, especially not with minifigs. And I haven’t really noticed many in my adventures in toy photography from anyone else. But I am much more likely to buy more of them now that they look so much better against their grey brothers of the past.

    1. Thank you for your comment, James. We’ll take this with us and hopefully there’ll be a good answer to it.
      I’m glad that the new Architecture sets got your interest. Just to be clear: I don’t usually try to shoot them along with minifigs. And then again, why not? Some would make a great backdrop for mini people, wouldn’t they? ;)

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