Effe Apeldoorn Bellen

Effe Apeldoorn Bellen


This month has been a rollercoaster of fantastic events, little accidents and a few bumps on the road. While an arctic cold is always a good thing to make one reflect on its own artistic endeavors as I mentioned in the winter is coming, it also seriously disrupts an already hectic work life art balance and makes procrastination looks like a project on its own, a state of mind I just could not achieve as there was not enough time to keep all the mandatory deliverables coming out just in time.

My arctic cold forced me to prioritize my deliverables for Darth, selecting my final works for the Bryan Ohno exhibition (just like Kristina) and some remodeling and reworks in The Studio to take priority over engaging with my friends on Instagram, making sure that our little collective got an extra hand here on the blog, stay up to speed with what is happening in the world and shooting some plastic. I had to focus, and cut out all these wonderful things I normally enjoy so much to do, and focus on my deliverables (and arctic cold).

My good old camera has not been out of its bag after my stormy adventure in Munich almost a month ago and the backlog of images I flagged in Lightroom to pick up and work on is still laying there, collecting electronic dust, while I have been running from deliverable to deliverable in all three areas of my work life art balance. A rollercoaster with a few more twists and turns ahead before things start to turn normal.

I will not be able to make it to the grand opening in Seattle next week Thursday as I have a long standing conflicting meeting with Darth I just could not change, but I will be checking the opening on IG, FB and G+ alike and maybe Shelly and Kristina can share the whole event on periscope (hint hint), so I can follow some of the awesomeness from the corporate dungeons of Darth Inc and be there with them, Bryan and some other old friends from a distance.

I will share some of the rollercoaster experiences with you in more detail in the coming days but for now I will load my camera battery and kick in a fresh memory card and make sure I am ready to take some long overdue plastic shoots tomorrow and feed my artistic self and load some of my mental batteries.

Maybe next time I should just call Apeldoorn* …

Effe Apeldoorn Bellen
Effe Apeldoorn Bellen – One of the works shown at the Bryan Ohno Gallery now in November

 (*) Effe Apeldoorn bellen is one of the works shown at the Bryan Ohno Gallery next week in The Adventure Continues, and handles all about a rollercoaster crashing on an abandoned asteroid when our good friends are on their way to a most important event. The original “Effe Apeldoorn Bellen” is a Dutch publicity campaign from the eighties which left quite an impression on this young one.

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