Winter Is Coming

What can I say.

For sure, Winter is coming here up in the Northern Hemisphere and we are waking up to the most beautiful landscapes filled with icing and mist while the Aurora Borealis is playing first violin. The early days of Narnia, and every outdoor photographers icy wet dream. Most awesome, yet that same Swedish winter tricked me into a fantastic cold last week and I have been stuck between honey filled warm water some of us call tea and coughing board room meetings with Darth making sure Kleenex got its fair share of revenue this week. Not much shooting for me, yet an awefull lot of reflection time with my Kleenex in the late hours of the day.

Having a cold is not as bad as it may seem in retrospect .

Just like Ansel twelve works of reflection, a good old cold helps you to take a step back of the daily routines, reflect on the bigger picture and take a deep breath and make one wonder why he or she is shooting.

I am shooting for myself. I love my audience and I love my likes, but I am truly shooting for myself (and my great grand children, but that is a separate post). If tomorrow the internet and social media disappears, I will still be out there on the floor shooting plastic for me and my ancestors. One picture at a time.

I am sure about that.

Then again, just like Mike I like your critique and feedback. I love to wake up to an extra like, thumbs up or a friendly word of critique. I grow thanks to all of you.

And sharing with you is equally important.
It makes me tick.
I am growing because of you.
We share the passion of plastic.

Yes, I want to show you what I shot outside the boundaries of IG, Flickr, FB or G+. I want to share with you my work, our work, and I am so looking forward to sharing something special with you in Seattle in November

Winter is coming, and it is going to be awesome !






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Shelly Corbett
8 years ago

It’s always good to take a step back my friend. Whenever I get frustrated with social media, with life, with my photography I always think about why I am doing what I do …and I always come back to the same reason as you have. I can’t imagine not seeing the world through my lens. It is a wonderful way to see the world with intention. Thank you for sharing and I am glad you’re feeling better. S

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