I haven’t worked on a specific photography project for some time, preferring to take photos when a photographically feasible idea appears in my head. If you look at my photostream on Flickr or Instagram you’ll see my photos are pretty random. They all contain toys, LEGO specifically, and some of them are even in what I’ve decided is ‘my style’. But there’s no consistency in theme, you couldn’t describe my work in terms less broad than “he’s the guy who takes photos of cute Stormtroopers”.

Compare now to Vesa’s stream. I haven’t discussed this with Vesa, but his output looks project-based, much more consistent. Hoth photos, underwater photos, real-world model photos, all groups of high quality images with a consistent theme.

I’m sure there are merits to both ways of working, but I do prefer to work on projects, it focusses my thinking and removes some of the infinite possibilities. It’s also much easier to show your past work to people when you can group it into nice project-sized chunks.

My ideal way of working would be to have regular projects and the odd standalone photo. At the moment it’s mostly standalone photos with the very occasional project.

Seems project ideas are even harder to come up with than photo ideas. I’m not talking about 365 projects or others that just mean taking more photos, but a unique theme to bring together a series of photos. At the moment I have no answers on how to move from a thematic scattergun approach to a project-based shooting schedule, but it’s something I plan on thinking about.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Part of my "random photos of Stormtroopers" ... "project"
Part of my “random photos of Stormtroopers” … “project”


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4 years ago

Mike, I really feel you here. I am thorn between you and Vesa. When I look at my own feed (mainly IG, as Flickr and the others are not as highly maintained) I see some periods of “mini” projects, some unfinished projects and periods of just pretty pictures or a small series of portraits. Overall, even the color palette is not making up a theme or a style and I cringe and wonder if I should be looking at the bigger scheme of things, make a master plan, a visual storyboard of where I want to go … Yet, the… Read more »

Shelly Corbett
4 years ago

Whatever happened to Snow White? It seems that this is the perfect mini project that we can accomplish together that would help get us all get in the practice of creating a small focused project. Jut a thought….