PS. Deadline

When we set the timeline for the project due date at the 31st March, we implicitly introduced the deadline. The deadline finds it origin (*) in the early days of journalism and the printing press, with the guideline marked on the press plate that set the boundaries. The deadline in which everything needed to fit and has further evolved into the daily deadline of the printing press (I feel old, I can’t remember when the last time was I read a real newspaper on this fish and chips packing paper). Deadlines evolved in drop dead dates we all recognize from school or project work.

Working towards a deadline gives a special rush, a kick, simular like a live performance on stage. There is that pressure to deliver. Live TV. On Air. No endless turning around of ideas, finding a better angle or a slightly more interesting storyline. The deadline is … the deadline.

A topic I discussed with Reiterlied when we met last weekend in London on one of our long walks across the city.
We knew one of us would for sure miss the deadline.
Here I am.
Reiterlied delivered, and I am explaining myself away.

I missed the deadline.
With a few days.
No excuses.
The images are shot, but I still have to do the post processing in PS.

Are deadlines important for (personal) creative projects?
I think so (and I happily pushed Reiterlied to deliver and stick to the deadline).
They help turn ideas into real images.
They help to get things done.
They help us to get better and better in managing deadlines and deliver.
They help us focus.

But they have the risk of compromise.
Sacrificing the creative idea or the final quality of the image.
Deadlines, a most interesting concept that ultimately helps us in getting things done.

Here is already a teaser to my little story, coming to an IG account near you, pretty soon. I promise.

Curious what is coming next?

Are you living by the rush of the creative deadline or does it freak you out?

I know I flirt too much with the deadline. Way too much.



(*) Other references put the origin of the word in the civil war prison camps, but I kind of like the less violent origin, and press photography and journalism for sure has a deadline aspect to it. If you are more into Canadian Football, well, there seem to be a deadline there as well … deadlines everywhere.

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7 years ago

I think I’ve been lucky having London as the perfect location for my story. The idea of having to profit on the last evening from the big city lights definitely helped a lot to get things done (and fight tiredness). Otherwise I might still be here trying to figure out how to make my story come to life :-)

7 years ago

I think I’m not alone when I confess that I’m better under pressure. Ever since those days of school back then it’s a recurring pattern: there’s a deadline; I’m pushing and pushing; always finding ‘more important things to do’; in the end I’ll push to the last minute and deliver (most of times). Is there a scientific name for it? Dead sure there is

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