You have mail …

We are getting ready for the first ever Stuck In Plastic European Photo Meet Up and this little epic event is right now at the center of all our activities here in The Studio, on an undisclosed island just outside Vaxholm, Sweden, Planet Earth. Walls are getting a lick of paint, grass is being cut, and some old chairs get a once over so they are fit for duty again.

First things first.

We are working out the exact details, trying to organize pick up schedules from aboriginals, old vikings and internationals alike, making sure we are covered for the unlikely event this will not be the sunniest day of the year and trying to get everything arranged so we know, who will be coming when and finalize the total number of new and old friends alike that will be joining us here in the heart of the Stockholm Archipelago.

The logistics are most interesting as we cover 3 full days, while some of you will only be joining for one or two (and we do have to keep the water logistics here on our little island in mind to get everyone in and out, and a place to stay for one or more nights). Most interesting and challenging, but it is going to be awesome and I cannot wait to welcome you all in my little hometown in the middle of the Stockholm Archipelago and show you around.

If you have already registered for the event before (on FB or here on the site) you should have gotten an email with the final registration form details in it, please do complete it asap (if not, no problem here is the link).

If you were still hesitating to register, or you just did not have the time to do it, now is the time as we are closing the registration down (final end date is next week Friday, but we do hope you all don’t wait until the last moment).

So first things first.

The final registration form to be completed by Friday 14th at the latest, so you can join Shelly, David, Vesa and some other great plastic photographers here in Vaxholm the last weekend of August.


You Have Mail
You Have Mail


ps – That post on LEGO as a universal language that has been lingering in the back of my mind, since Mike posted his why LEGO will have to wait until we are back to our normal schedule.

pps – organizing the European meetup in Vegas may have been easier after all, but for sure less fun.

ppps – if I am lagging behind with new posts on IG you know what is keeping me buzzy besides my day to day challenges with Darth Inc.

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