Missing Persons

Those of you paying attention to the upcoming #baltictoysafari gathering in Vaxholm might have noticed a face missing from the Stuck In Plastic lineup. I’m the one letting the side down and not making the trip to Sweden this weekend.

My girlfriend is performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until the end of August, and the weekend of the Swedish gathering in also the weekend she gets back home after three weeks away. It was a tough choice, but the result is that I’m skipping this meetup in favour of spending time with her. Not that you’re not lovely people too, of course, but I barely know you. ;)

Hopefully the gathering will be a huge success and I’ll be able to join you all at the next one. Take some Stormtrooper photos for me.



– Mike

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8 years ago

Must admit am disappointed to read that.
But also guessing your girlfriend has less facial hair than me so…family’s always first Hoping to see you on another occasion.

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