Running from one errand to the other, I just came into the Studio, uploading some quick images and discovered my latest shoot (read upload in LR) was more than three weeks old.

Panic mode engulfed me.

Three weeks without any imagery.

Did I miss something ? Did I overlooked an SD card and missed a shoot ?.!

No, not really, I just have been busy with other things.

I don’t think this has happened to me over the last two years as my viewfinder is my trusted companion I consult at least once a week (hence the anxiety when I discovered I was three weeks out).

How often do you shoot and when does your anxiety kicks in  ?

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ps – this is our very first poll, so be gentle and do vote :-)

How Much Do You Shoot ?
How often do you shoot ?
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8 years ago

I wish I shot more than I do, actually. If it were up to me I’d shoot at least once a week, but with a full time job and a plethora of other projects, it usually clocks into more like once a month, unless I’m doing some commissions for work. There was a time, three years ago when I first began LEGO photography, that I shot constantly and had new pics up almost daily. Alas, that was a different (far less busy) time…

8 years ago

I usually shoot about 3-4 times per week, if I’m not overloaded with work. I start to get anxious if a week goes by without taking photos. Recently we moved and I didn’t take any pictures for 2 weeks and I got really anxious about it. I was afraid it would be hard to get the ideas flowing again after such a long break!

8 years ago

I shoot daily but only because I’m in the middle of a LEGO minifigure 365 project. However a lot of these shots I don’t have the time to set up and make perfect so there are quite a few I’m not satisfied with. I think next year I will try scaling back the number of shoots and try for better quality!

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