What is in your bag ?

We all know that a woman’s purse or handbag can be an adventure on its own. An object most men want to stay away from as it can take you places in this galaxy you may not want to venture, yet nothing beats a photographers bag  and what it carries (and you may really be surprised of the differences we share in our bags).

After asking the question of why are you shooting plastic to a select set of toy photographers, we are now embarking on a new series here on Stuck In Plastic to explore what toy photographers carry along in their bag when they go out and about and shoot some plastic and try to get some behind the scenes and deeper insights into the minds of these folks who carry a complete different type of bag along to a variety of locations.

And we just have one simple question for them.

What is in your bag ?

Before we embark on the deep dive with asking Shelly, Vesa and a few others what they have in their bag, we are curious if you can guess who’s bags we took in the below shot and what is they attribute they have in their bag  ?



Let us know in the comments below and do add your bonus question we should ask these toy photographers … (we promise we will pass on the questions asked).


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Brick Sailboat
8 years ago

From left to right:

Shelly – There’s Chima in there.

Vesa – Hoth imitation snow.

Me2 – All materials necessary to construct a life size getaway hang glider…just in case.

-Paul :)

8 years ago
Reply to  Brick Sailboat

Insider knowledge!! Not fair!! :D

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