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I have liked to bring little friends with me to the trips I’ve made over the past few years. I don’t like to bring too much, usually just a few Lego minifigures, or an action figure or two, not more than I can fit in an old eyeglass case that I can carry around in my pocket. If there’s time and I feel like it, I go for some freewheeling photographs with what I got.

My own favourite is the series of photographs I took with my phone a couple of years ago with an impromptu traveling companion IG-88. That storyline came up unplanned and unfolded by itself and the entire shoot was completely effortless. One shot per day.

Last year it was an Indiana Jones Lego minifigure. There were some nice individual images but no storyline like it was with Iggy.

Anyway, this summer I decided to bring a bigger friend with me to our family trip, bigger than an eyeglass case. My Action Man figure with frogman gear (gear looted from the kid’s stash) was my choice.

I admit, I carried some Lego too.

I was going to do this last year already but I did not have the camera for it and I dropped the idea. It was a mistake because I experienced a spectacular timeless day snorkeling in this beautiful little cove with nobody else in sight but us. It would’ve been a perfect place to shoot.

This time the beach we were in for a few days of our trip was not good for this kind of photography, the waters were not clear and it was all sand. We decided to take a little boat trip to a nearby island for some snorkeling and sure enough, it looked really good for shooting some photographs too. Only, we made some miscalculations with our schedules and when I was about to go for the shoot I realized we had only about an hour before we were supposed to get back to the boat off the island.

I grabbed the Action Man and plunged in with my camera and quickly shot a few dozen exposures while the waves kept ripping the facemask and regulator off of the figure. That ruined a lot of frames but not all of them.

This was a nice catch. I saw those tiny bubbles coming from the air supply and I quickly aimed the camera at the figure hoping it would focus right. It did, but I aimed too high and the feet were cut out. It’s not too bad, though, I kinda like the framing, it works when cropped to a widescreen ratio.

It’s a good start, I think. Yes, a start, because I’m going to go for more as soon as I can. I loved this!

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7 years ago

Vesa, I am most impressed by this series. As you are well aware, I love the water and of course being underwater, so I immediately connected with these images. But what I loved the best was your comment on twitter “You know, snow is water, just frozen beautifully. :)” That simple connection brought it full circle for me; truly beautiful my friend. :)

7 years ago

Yes! Great shot! Time CAN kill the idea of a great photo but doesn’t necessarily have to. Glad you seized the time you had to shoot the ones you shared on IG ;-)

7 years ago

Some beautiful shots in this series Vesa, and I think this is the only underwater toy photography I’ve ever seen! I do like working with water, one of my favourite shots was made using a hose attached to the kitcheh sink. As for the open ocean, the last (and only) time I went snorkeling I accidentally punched a jellyfish and then almost drowned in metre-high waves. I’ll stick to land-based water photography :)

7 years ago
Reply to  Avanaut

Vesa those underwater monster shots are a find indeed. Very cool!! I used to love snorkeling and would participate any chance I got. Until I had a WAY too close encounter with a whale shark. So Mike I totally understand where you are coming from with your jelly fish experience. I will get back into the water again, maybe the next trip to Hawaii. And now I know to pack a little underwater friend with me! :D

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