A Summer Read

Some of you have been wondering where the brick I have been hanging out and others may just have enjoyed the silence (read lack) of my ramblings and opinionated disagreements with Shelly here on Stuck In Plastic. The good (or the bad) news is that I am not yet back. I am still stuck in the corporate dungeons of Darth Inc. running from board to drawing board trying to get all things Inc done in a timely manner.

A most interesting albeit slightly exhaustive experience I will not bore you with today. I actually wanted to share something completely different with you. Something inspiring …

On my way to Death Star I walked into that exclusive overpriced coffee shop at the DS terminal and on my way out I wanted to quickly grab one of those top ten crime novels that make Indiana Jones look like the grandfather of all when my eye darted away to a colored brick on the bottom shelf.

A book about LEGO, called Brick by Brick.

I quickly read the back-story and decided on the spot (final boarding being announced) to change some good fiction for some deeper insights in The LEGO Group.

I can only say it was a very pleasant read, giving some great insights in the company we all like, with some serious management advice and examples along the read (running up to 2013, prior to the LEGO Movie and the complete toy photography movement we are in the middle of, so there is room for a sequel).

And you don’t have to believe me this is a fantastic book, here is a short word from the author himself, including a creative experiment you can do with six bricks at any summer party you will be hosting ….

Looking for a classic summer read on the beach, pretending you are working  (or was it the other way around ) ?

I can warmly recommend Brick by Brick from David Robertson.

And now I have to run back to Darth, as my meeting is calling.


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