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Two weeks ago I was one of the lucky few who got to visit Billund, Denmark for the LEGO Inside Tour. I’ve been a LEGO fan all my life, I’ve got sets almost as old as I am, and these days I try to limit myself to not get more than I need to create my photos. Some days that’s harder than it sounds.

There have been four tours this year; 140 people got to join designers and other LEGO professionals on the inside. The application form went online the morning of November 9, 2015, and I had it filled out and submitted within minutes . Then a few weeks later the Inside Tour team sent a mail saying I’d made it to the list of participants.

Then: I waited. I got a Christmas card. I got my tour #3 assignment. I bought plane tickets. And finally, it was June 7—

2016-06-07 19.33.34.tuned

The tour started in Hotel LEGOLAND’s Mindstorms meeting room, where we met Astrid, Mike and Willy from the tour team. They started with giving us our first little souvenir from the tour: A L.I.T 2016 minifigure torso and some other parts so we could build ourselves as figs. The real me doesn’t have that hair, but it’s kind of close—

2016-06-08 22.18.37.insta

Over the next two and a half days we got to visit the LEGO Idea House, we met designers who told us about their work and coached us through some building challenges, we got to visit the factories and customer service department. We also received a private tour of LEGOLAND before it opened.

For me, one highlight was getting to meet Jørgen Vig Knudstorp and another was going down memory lane in the archives where I once again got to hold the old boxes of some of my favorite sets from when I was young.

2016-06-23 16.43.33.tuned

Writing a step-by-step recount of the tour would not to it justice. For me, what I take away is the joyous feelings of being so close to a brand and a toy I very much admire; remembering how much fun I had with my bricks as a child. I’m happy to see how hard they work to do the same for both children and adults today.

So instead of writing, I photographed—

More photos are  here. And if you’ve heard about the exclusive sets given out every year, see this year’s set here.

~ David (@davirasm)

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7 years ago

I did the LIT this year too, in the second group, and as you said it was really fantastic !!! One of my best, maybe the best, moment in my life.
I’m an AFOL and completely addicted to LEGO.
Your review and photos are great.
I’didn’t built yet the truck show, that’s my diamond or treasure… :-)
Where are you from ? Did you buy many sets in the employee shop ?
It was a pleasure to read you.
Have fun !

7 years ago

We are taking the tour this year. We are so excited.!! My son is an enormous fan. I know the days are jam packed and they have the evening break listed. Do they break for lunch or have time for snacks

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