Featuring You

When we posted “it is all about you” a good two weeks ago we knew we were on the right track, we just did not know you would all react so fast and furious and overwhelm us with questions and great ideas alike.

Thank You !

And yes, you are right we should have provided you with a better framework.

So here goes …

We (read the creative collective known as Stuck In Plastic) like to feature your voice (read you) and your opinion here on the blog to all our friends, fellow toy photographers and lovers of the fine and pop art alike who believe they can contribute to our collective as a guest author.

The first step is simple.
Register on the blog and interact on the posts with your views and comments. Working the green rooms before going centre stage is the very first step and condition. Get active and participate. You need to have at least three registered comments on the blog before we engage (yeahh, most of you have  that, but we did get some requests of people we want to know a little bit better before engaging, hence this little rule).

The second step is getting more challenging, but that is what you all have been asking for. What should we write about ?

Well, we want you to answer the question of Why ? Why are you reading this blog, shoot plastic or are a lover or collector of the new pop art.  We have a full series on Why and had some great guest authors answering their Why question and we want to continue this fantastic series amongst others long into 2015 with you …

The practical details are easy.
Just sent your story to Shelly or me by mail (or through the contact us link) and add your favorite image to it. We will review the story, but we have to be upfront honest. We want a touching story on your Why, and a simple because my friends said this was a cool site will not get you center stage (you know what we mean, we love the kudos, but we still love a great post even more).

Shelly and I will be for now the judge, jury and mentor all at once, and you will have to work with us on making this as successful and interesting as you would want us to be.

Not an easy challenge for both of us.

Once your post gets selected for publication, we will work out the practical details with you (and maybe do the very first post on your behalf) and then you will become an official Stuck In Plastic friends blogger, which will allow you to create your own posts based on our creative collective themes we are running like the Why series, or what is in Your Bag, and be able to partake in the series from the front seat (we really have to take this two step approach as we got overwhelmed with the requests and directions, and we like to keep everyone engaged).

So, … I hope this post gave some more directions on how to participate in our friends blogging program here in the collective:

1. register with user name
2. interact and engage on other postings
3. read the why series as an inspiration (on purpose no link included, this is a quest for YOU but we really recommend you read it before as we are discussing the artistic why here!)
4. write your why post as an artist, a lover, a collector or an avid photographer of all things plastic. It is your why.
5. sent to me or Shelly and include the picture that is dear to you (we are after all a picture blog)
6. we take it from there …

Hope this give some more long overdue guidance.

Any questions, just ask, below in the comments :)



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