Shelly wrote a most interesting piece a few days ago on the why of editions and I must say I did not directly think I was making a very dramatic statement as such and the following quote has been resonating with me and I started wondering why I made this dramatic, yet very natural statement.

Boris is also limited by time and his creative process so I was surprised when he decided to sell his works as one of a kind prints. Once that amazing piece “The Dark Knight” is sold, there will be no other.  In a world that is inundated by photographic images this really creates a special and very dramatic statement. My hat is off to Boris for creating work for the discriminating collector.

We live in a world of hundreds of thousands of images released on our retina every second (the daily upload of images to Facebook is more than 350 million images and Instagram scored a good 40 million in 2013). Images are reduced to a flick on our digital device, all screaming for that instant gratification of a like or a thumbs up. Some images connect with the audience, others don’t. Maybe it was posted at the wrong time or not of the right quality to make that instant engagement. You win some, you lose some, and you just post a few more to feed the digital stream of social images surrounding us. We are all digital content creators and creative artists feeding the social feed. We connect, reconnect and connect again, one image at a time, most of the time not much longer than a few seconds or a short soundbite.

However, when you decide to go big, and take the work into a gallery (and ultimately someones home or boardroom) then you stop and reflect.  You pause and take your best work big.

You want to create a deep connection with your audience; let them reflect on your work, discover the story and make their connection. It is an open tableau for them to engage with (or not, that is also fine). And sometimes this connection is so strong, that the audience wants this piece to be more than a memory that remains long after the exhibition is over. They come back and want to take this connection into their world, on their wall for them to enjoy.

That connection is magic and unique.

So unique, it can for me only warrant a unique single edition. One signed archival large print, to bind the connection between me, the work and that one person who has decided to make my story part of their life.

Me2 & Boris

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