Worldwide InstaMeet

This weekend is the 11th worldwide InstaMeet around the globe, inspired by the world wide Instagram Community.  Not just any community. Our community. The one  we are all part of and we call IG. The community that is You !

I will be joining the Stockholm one this Saturday and join the photowalk with my plastic attitude and LEGO friends and make some of the more architectural or cityscape photographers squeeze when I go low and shoot plastic in the heart of the city.  Squeeze with friendship and love as we actually all like to shoot our favorite subject and exchange our passion with photography.

So, get your gear and your toys and select your InstaMeet this Saturday and go out and shoot together and connect with fellow photographers.

Break the ice, and be the first to take your Spaceman, Stormtrooper, Barbie or Dinosaur out and put it in front of a historic landmark. Compose, Focus and Post.

When challenged by your fellow InstaMeet colleagues, just explain you are a Toy Photographer and when you upload to your local IG feed add the simple hashtag #toyphotographersdoitbetter

Lets connect this Saturday, Worldwide on the InstaMeet and add the tag to your post and have some fun !

Because #toyphotographersdoitbetter !

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Spidey was shot on a private photowalk downtown in Seattle with some close friends in the old UPS quarter downtown in Seattle just a few blocks away of the one and only Bryan Ohno Gallery...

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That is a killer shot Me2!


Totally Awesome!