Shooting Plastic is Easy

Hectic times here in The Studio (and in Helsinki and Seattle) while we all start to understand the magnitude of what we got ourselves into in our first ever, real live, international group exposition of our creative collective in Seattle.

Shooting plastic is easy compared to the epic adventure we have decided to embark on and the decisions we have to take.

We need to get the pictures to the lab, and since we are all going big, I at least have to go one extra round over the test prints at my end (size A2, my floors are filled with artist proof copies ) before they are good to be shipped to the lab. Make sure there are no dust spots, or chromatic aberration hiding in a corner. Things you don’t see on IG, or even when we go all in on Flickr or G+ as we are still talking about screen consumption and not the big print.

And it is not just the files for the printing lab. It is also the type of paper (matte, glossy, canvas, metallic, …), framing options and sizes (I start to get the hang of how big an inch really is) and the limited edition signatures. All very exciting decisions when you go for that one off piece, but here we are talking about a whole series, and the clock is ticking (only 5 more weeks and I already have to hop on a plane over the ocean). Decisions. Big decisions.

And then there is the press. Both here and in Seattle. We have to engage with them, get the invites and the press kits out, and when you then decide to give them an exclusive A2 signed artist proof here in Sweden you also need the corresponding postal tube. Finding and selecting the right tubes is just another decision on the road (more in a later post on the selection process of tubes as this can be very interesting for some of you). We took decisions, and moved on. The question remains if it was the right one. Time and press will tell and using the press as guinea pigs at least feels good.

And the list continues.

ESTA for the US.
Business cards for the show.
A suit for the opening.
The 3F (Family, Friends, Followers) also need an invite.
The Social Media (a complete different set  of invites)
The Invites (so not the 3F, but the significant others … do we invite LEGO Systems A/S or not ? And if yes, who ?)
The hashtag for the show.
The schedule for the week.
The naming of the show.
The pricing of the works.
The Toy walk in Seattle on Saterday.

And the one hundred and one things Shelly is doing in Seattle I am not even aware off in preparation for our very first international toy photography exhibition in Seattle.

Shooting plastic is the easy part.

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