While we are getting all prepped for the turn around of the year into the awesomeness of 2015 we decided to take our best wishes and good intents for 2015 to the next level and added the events module to (y)our site.

The first official big event upcoming is the Las Vegas Toy event organized by Shelly and Dinoczars mid January in Las Vegas.

But we want to do more with our events.

We want to connect photographers who are stuck in plastic around the world when they travel long and far or just around the corner so we can exchange some plastic. The very first opportunity added to the calendar is Me2 crash visit to LA in a week from now.

Are you in LA on Saturday 10 January and want to show Me2 around LA and take some cool plastic shots together ?

Now is your time.

Get in touch and before we know we meet in a week from now !


PS. This is an exclusive behind the scene blooper™ picture we selected for this event™ post, enjoy :)

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