Yesterday I shared with you my near win of Captain James T. Kirk and explained why I had recovered it from my mental trash bin after seeing the TED of Sarah Lewis.

As part of my little workflow I had uploaded it to Flickr so I could share it here with you, but could not be bothered by adding tags, sets or submitting it to groups.

Is was after all a near win.

When I returned later today from a set of successful working sessions buried away miles under the sea in a Faraday cage and I unlocked my screen I was surprised to see a lot of favs on Flickr.

Was my Easter Bunny still popular, or did I had a good friend who decided to take a personal like tour on some of my older shots ?

I can tell you I was completely flabbergasted when I discovered James T. Kirk made it to the explore page and I had friendly strangers congratulating me on the “explore” and reached a good 4K views and 59 favs (my average is normally around 400 views and 5 to 10 favs on Flickr).

And this was my near win.

Sweet success on the mystery road to mastery …

Thank you, mystery Flickr algorithm for selecting me on your explore page today it was a sweet experience !


Footnotes to self:
Day 5 in my personal challenge.
Picture above shot with an iPhone 5S
Don’t forget to check out the near win of Shelly, but please note that viewers discretion is advised.

As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice … 

My Latest Near Win

I hope you had a chance to read +Me2‘s latest blog post “Day IV”. Even though he is already suffering from blogging fatigue, it was a good one. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the excellent TED talk on the near win by Sarah Lewis, I urge you to give it a view. If you would like the condensed version I refer you to the following quote by Imogen Cunningham

“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” 

As an artist I can qualify the near win into two categories. The first is the image that I have created that doesn’t meet my expectations. The image I present to you today falls into this category. I really like the image and I felt I got close to the emotion I was trying to convey, a mother watching over her new children. I wanted a leading line towards mom and I will probably need to rearrange them to better achieve that effect. The main reason I will retake this photo is the rock surface; I would have preferred a softer ground for the baby spiders more suggestive of a nursery setting. I do love a challenge and I will be taking this picture again as soon as it stops raining. 

The second type of near win is the dissatisfaction that comes from growing as a photographer. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen an image for the first time as it emerges from the printer and have been blown away by the finished product. But over time familiarity and the emergence of the next new image has me feeling dissatisfied with the first image. No matter how wonderful it might have been at initial glance, I now barely give it a second look. 

It is these near wins that keep me motivated to move forward and to keep making new images. I hope you will value your near wins and realize they are a natural part of growing as a photographer and as an artist.  

~ xxsjc

Day IV

James T. Kirk

Day IV.

A difficult one.
A big personal challenge to get this post out as all my original plans went down the drain and I got stuck in other challenges I cannot talk about.  Remember the NDA

Day IV is not an easy one.

I am sure Shelly will recognize the feeling, yet at the same time have a smile and a little “I told you so” in the back of her mind and wonder why I already show the symptoms at day IV and cannot wait another XXIV.

The Personal challenge.

Why would someone sign up for a 365 days challenge, or even a 30 day challenge like Shelly did here when we get every single day other external challenges thrown at us ?

A most challenging question … indeed.

Only yesterday I was discussing the latest TED with Lara at the gym on Mastery versus Success and the impact of near wins or just not reaching the perfect circle.

And I believe that is why it is important we try to achieve mastery through near wins.
Just not being able to reach perfection, and continue to strive through our personal challenges.

365 days in a row … trying to reach mastery, not success.

While the above image I shot when meeting Captain James Tiberius Kirk may to some of you appeal as  a great shot, it was in my book a near win and I decided not to post it.

I virtually put it in my mental trash bin.

Sarah Lewis TED post made me (re)visit my near wins and actually share it with you.

So, tell me, what was your near win you encountered recently ?


Footnotes to self:
Day 4 in my personal challenge (a difficult one).
Picture above shot with a DSLR and minimal edits made in post processing.

Stay tuned and leave your near wins in the comments below …