Sunday Painters

In the lands I grew up with had a saying that referred to “Sunday Painter”.
Not sure what you call them in your area, but “Sunday Painters” or artists went out on Sundays to change or paint the world, yet found their home in their comfortable jobs during the week, and did not had the spine to fight the artistic battle (so the story goes).
Sometimes(*) I feel like a Sunday Painter when I abandon my daily plight in getting a post out (yet gather the blue collar inspiration that made Bruce a corporate icon).
Am I a rebel with a cause when I abandon my daily post commitment ?
Am I just another Sunday Artist who only shoots in weekends ?
A most interesting inner question(*) I am sure some of us struggle with (hard).
Me and Shelly have spent (and will most probably continue to spent) quite some time on this topic.
One of my favorite artists in this area is Scott Adams. Scott manages successfully to pour out his daily creativity,  yet I feel very connected with his main character when exploring corporate live and take a deep dive in Darth Inc. and beyond. 
I am a big believer we need to stay connected to the shopfloor called live, and so when we engage with our artistic self we should know the backdrop of reality.
I have been eaten up by my other corporate half the last month, and while some may argue I am a corporate creature and just another Sunday Painter, these corporate assignments and missions define who I am.
They define Me2.
So, I will call defeat on my daily challenge and continue to drop out at times (sorry Shelly, I aim daily posts), yet I will continue to take the F word serious and not only take the Fun serious but also Focus on what matters, including make our art work … 
Focus on getting the balance right, and if that means dropping oFF the grid for a week, so be it.
After all, we are stuck in plastic,
(*) Footnotes to self: 
I failed in my personal challenge here.
Yet I believe I grew stronger in my own artistic self.
As always, stay tuned and leave your view in the comments below or on your social platform of choice…

F as in …

Being stuck in corporate meeting rooms for 5 days is a … challenge (and I have another 5 days lined up)

Most probably it strikes a few of the disambiguation interpretations of the F word, but for me there are just a few that stuck out to me the last few days … and these are two of my Favorites when discussing the topic with Maya, my Friendly buzzy Bee (and both Friendly and Favorite does start with an F.)

F as in Failure.
I failed my daily posting. Big times …
I knew upfront it was coming up and I basically tried to challenge myself to get this done.
I failed, yet I grew.
Sometimes failure bleeds to a bigger thing.
I will come back to why I believe my failure made me stronger in a later post, but don’t feel bad if you fail on your personal journey, I am sure it will help to grow you stronger …

F as in Fun.
Shelly has been hammering this one hard and sound and if you are unclear what I am talking about, just do a quick read up of her last five posts.
I was so happy to collect my body and experience some Fun.
Remember, shooting should be Fun.
If it is not, look for the Fun.