The art of knolling

There are several types of LEGO builders. Personally, when I buy a LEGO set, I follow the instructions. I open the bags in order and I make small piles with each bag. Then, I use my eyes and my memory to locate parts in piles on my table or on the floor. Some AFOLs may …

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Week 3: Fun

Fun. A simple word. Yet so powerful and hardwired in our deoxyribonucleic acid. Our DNA. Are we not all hardwired to play and have some fun. Wiki According to almighty Wikipedia: Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. Fun is an experience — often unexpected, informal, generally not cerebral and generally purposeless. …

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Toy Photography and Fun At first, fun seemed one of the easiest words of our little project. For me, fun is the main reason why I started both photography and toy photography. Some four years ago, I was looking for a new creative hobby. I ended up buying a camera, and after, I eventually went into …

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Sun, Sand and Plastic

If you’re reading this, I’m away on our annual camping trip down the coast with family and friends and Shelly has kindly hit the publish button. Thanks Shelly.

Caterham Seven

The Caterham Seven is a super-lightweight sports car produced by Caterham Cars in the United Kingdom. It is based on the original Lotus Seven, a fun sports car sold in a do-it-yourself kit by Lotus  from 1957 to 1972.  A built-it-yourself car that was originally delivered without any assembly instructions to avoid the hefty tax on …

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Bad guy shanghai

A clean bill of wealth

Out with the new, in with the old Lacking motivation. Inspiration deficient. Stuck in a plastic rut. Brick block. We’ve all be there. I too was recently on the precipice of a tumble deep into the inability to initiate. And what does someone like me do in these times? I clean.

Thing 2's "photo of the day"

Succession session

New kids off the country block From rant to gallivant. From Bellbrae to Erskine Falls. Well, from Bellbrae to Erskine Falls, via Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven, Moggs Creek, Big Hill and Lorne, as we snake our way along the Australian National Heritage listed ‘Great Ocean Road’ that hugs Australia’s south-eastern coastline.

Dry-lo Ren

Rainy Day Activities

Weather or not As my northern hemisphere friends gloat of warm weather and sunshiny days (maybe not my UK friends) I find myself bunkered down indoors with the fire lit as sheeting rain pummels the roof. I like the rain. It’s good to us. It fills our watertanks. It feeds our veggie patches. It replenishes …

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