A happy 2019

Well, it is that special day of the year again. The last day of 2018. The crossing to a new year. A year that is called 2019 (yep, it is a sequel) and we won’t keep you with long posts looking back on what twenty eighteen brought to us (that is normally reserved for the beginning of twenty nineteen), or long new year speeches and promises. Nope, all of that is (maybe) for a later time.

For now, stay safe, enjoy the turning of the year with friends, family and maybe some toy photography.

We will be back next year.
The SiP Crew.

A little behind the scene …

An epic day …

Today is the last day of the year, the day we close 2015 and turn our page into a new beginning. A day of reflection of what happened since that other day a good 366 days ago, when we turned the page on 2014 and took a deep dive into 2015. And what a dive it was. 326 posts published, 25K visitors with 67K page views and 1K comments across the whole year, a most epic year and not just in numbers … Continue reading “An epic day …”