Week 52 – A new challenge ahead

We are in the final countdown to the new year. And so what better way to start the new year with a new challenge. A challenge made up not of twelve words, but fifty-two this time.  Fifty-two words. As many words as we have weeks in twenty eighteen. You see the plan coming. One word a week. A slightly different acoustic challenge this time. Sharing one image a week with the word in mind. A challenge we kindly invite you all to join. With as many words as you want. At your own pace. Or in ours. You choose. Continue reading “Week 52 – A new challenge ahead”


No. Cards is not the new word of the month.
The new word is coming later this month.
Cards is a project. A year-end project in the good old SiP tradition you can join in. Cards are the new book exchange.
Easier, simpler and back to the roots.

What is it all about?

We started a few years back here with a little book exchange. Looking back at your own work, select and curate the best of twelve. Print and then engage. Share with friends and strangers alike. The gift of giving.

A project that was successful and became a tradition. A tradition that became hard to manage. The cost of printing a little booklet, the administrative burden of getting the books ready long for Xmas and then the reshipping.
An awesome idea, yet it drifted away from the original intent.

And this year we go back to basics.
High creative value, low cost and (hopefully) deeper human interaction.
A handwritten card exchange between old and new friends alike. Continue reading “Cards”