Save The Date- the 2017 StuckInPlastic ToyPhotoMeetUp

Time is rushing by at the speed of light. A London Toy Safari is just around the corner, most people will already be looking forward to a well-deserved summer vacation and Christmas is displayed in most everyone´s calendars, too.

There´s only one event that is missing: the 2017 Stuck In Plastic Toy Photo Safari.

This year it will take place on the weekend of September 15th/16th/17th.

If so far you´ve only ever read about past toy safaris and thought “Well, next time…” then this is your chance. Reserve the date. Continue reading “Save The Date- the 2017 StuckInPlastic ToyPhotoMeetUp”


BRB or Be Right Back.

With all the recent changes happening at the start of 2017, we for sure kicked twenty seventeen of with fireworks and a great start for toy photography in general. We wish Shelly and Brett all the best on their new creative adventures.

Before we take a deep dive and share with you where we want to take Stuck In Plastic in 2017 we need a little time off.
A time of creative reflection.
A moment of zen. Continue reading “BRB”