A week ago I embarked on a little mission to try to  deconstruct the elements that make up my work. The very first in the series was location which triggered a most intimate response from Kristina where she reflected back on her childhood memories and the lego-people she saved from the common box and she has …

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I’m stuck in plastic-people

Reading Me2’s latest post about location as one of the key elements of his photography got me thinking about the name of this group ”Stuck in plastic” and the close connection our work has to the Lego brick. Lego has a special place among my toys and especially in my still life photography.


When we are not organizing art exhibitions or toy photo safari’s around the globe, the crew of Stuck In Plastic likes to explore the more creative side of taking pictures. What is it that makes us shoot plastic, explore the why and take a inner look on the creative process we are all going through. …

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