Stuck In Plastic is the creative collective of all things plastic.

The original brainchild of Boris Vanrillaer (Me2) and Shelly Corbett (xxSJC). These two photographers who are separated by 7585 kilometers were brought together by their mutual love and passion of shooting plastic and their love for Toy Photography.


Even though there are surface differences between their photographic styles, they shared a common desire to reveal the inner lives and loves of the diminutive mini fig that travels our planet and beyond and is set to outnumber the human race by 2019 (which is fast approaching).

In January 2014, Boris and Shelly decided to start this creative collective called Stuck In Plastic to connect, share, celebrate and generally explore all aspects of this wonderful, colorful, funny, silly world with you beyond the digital social media world we are living in today.

The name Stuck In Plastic  refers in the first place to the magically plastic world where both photographers are stuck in, each in there own specific way, but also contains a friendly salute to other great artists like Andy Warhol with his EPI events and this  other great photography site called stuckincustoms.com from a warm-hearted, old school gentleman, called Trey Ratcliff.

After running the series “Why ?”  here on Stuck In Plastic and reaching out to other toy photographers, Avanaut (Vesa Lehtimäki) joined the team in October of 2014.

The creative collective went on to realize their first fine art exhibition at the Bryan Ohno Gallery, in Seattle WA in March 2015.

In April 2015 Balakov (Mike Stimpson) joined the collective, followed by Kristina Alexanderson.

The collective had a another fine art exhibition in Seattle late 2015.

In 2016, the collective got recognized by the LEGO Group as an active contributor to taking plastic places and got the RLUG / RLFM status.
Kristina left and Brett joined the collective.

Early 2017, Shelly and Brett decided to step out and go their own way.

100% Stuck In Plastic, is a continually evolving creative experiment.

Join us in our plastic journey.

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