Week 13: Passion

Passion can be found in various fields and situations.                                                  Go to a concert, a classical one with a huge orchestra or a rock gig: if the musicians are passionate about their …

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The Road Ahead

Last week we told you we needed a break. A moment of reflection. A moment of looking back at the past and listen to see where we want to go in the future. Slow down and refocus. Not just looking at the here and now, but look at the bigger picture. Why did we start …

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The Whys of a Toy Photographer

Like the forest of cables in my entertainment unit, the reasons I practice toy photography are numerous, intertwined, and sometimes have no reason at all. But let’s start at the beginning.

Why? by HerrSM

“Why are you taking pics of Lego?” Ha, easy one, right? Well…is it? Many people who I asked this question either looked irritated not knowing what to say (no, that´s not a trick question) or they promptly replied “For the fun of it, yeah”. HerrSMA Non-Belgian living in Hamburg, Germany. Curiosity-driven and mostly to be …

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A mirror of ourselves – 5 reasons why we photograph minifigures

»eat my bricks« is a photo art project. We are two dads and media dudes aged 40 from Dresden, Germany, and we have known each other for more than 20 years. eat_my_bricks»eat my bricks« is a photo art project. Two media dudes from Dresden, Germany, have robbed their kids’ brick collections, knowing full well that …

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What “Why” to find in days to come

The context of my life has changed. Because of this I found myself asking: what am I doing? where am I going? I have discovered a part of me in need of an inner journey of knowing myself, a journey that makes use of two passions that lie close to my heart – photography and writing.

Why? by Leila Chieko

I used to be a scrapbook queen. I’ve been documenting my life through photography since grade school and have put together dozens and dozens of scrapbooks all the way up until about ten years ago when I made the transition from 35mm film to digital photography. I photographed the usual: people, travel, landscapes. In my …

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Why? by Brooks Weaver

A few years ago when I created my first Lego mini-figure scene with the members of Guardians of the Galaxy, I never would have thought I would be sitting here typing this Post.  But thanks to Shelly for giving me the opportunity to write a few thoughts on ‘Why’ I am ‘stuck in plastic’ doing …

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Why? by Wendy Verboom

I want to start by saying  thank you to Shelly for the invitation to write something for this Blog. It is a great opportunity to share my hobby of photography with other Lego fans from around the world.

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