SiP goes 52

In 2018 we decided to start the new year with a new challenge. A challenge made up not of twelve words, but fifty-two this time.  Fifty-two words. As many words as we have weeks in twenty-eighteen. You see the plan coming. One word a week. A slightly different acoustic challenge this time. Sharing one image a week with the word in mind. A challenge we kindly invited you all to join. With as many words as you want. At your own pace. Or in ours. You choose.

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The words we selected for twenty eighteen are not just any words. They are special words for all of us. Words that hopefully trigger a vision. An exploration of our creative self. Words that connect with why we are here. Human values and emotions that flow through our hearts and minds into our photographic work.

A little game.

Here is a little game you can easily play with a couple of friends to get you warmed up. They don’t need to be toy photographers. These values are universal. And you can easily play it at the new year’s dinner table to get the conversation going. Print out the 52 words (one page in PDF is available to download here with all 52 values, one per person) and give yourself 5 minutes to select those 5 words (values and emotions) that really mean the most to you. Not six or seven. Only five. You will see that downselecting to five may be more difficult than you think. Most people easily can shift the list down to ten, but getting it down to five is not that easy.

These five words are values that matter to you right now. They will most probably change over time. They are not absolute or final. Just lighthouses on your journey.  Now, depending on how much time you want to spend on this, you can do around the table, where everyone shares their 5 values and what they mean for them. Or you just share the 5 values with your neighbor at your left. You will see that it will trigger a more interesting conversation than talking about the weather.

The challenge

We kicked off twenty eighteen with creativity, the first word of the year. Randomly selected by the random sorting algorithm of Google spreadsheet. Each participant selected one image that connects with the word of the week. It is important here to say “select” as this is not about shooting a new image every week. This is looking at what the value means and how it connects to an image. It can be an image that you took years ago. One that sparked the creative journey you are on. Or it could be a new image, a new technique you wanted to explore to see how creative you could be. Or it could be something else… The words are there to guide and inspire you. Not to be taken literally, although that is of course also allowed.

We then tagged our images on IG (and some other social media platforms of choice) with #sipgoes52 and #sip_wordoftheweek where wordoftheweek is that week’s word. For example, for the first week, we used #sip_creativity.

And some of us posted their image here on the blog with some words of wisdom reflection. Not everyone, every week. We still like it acoustic, just with some small tube amplifiers. And some weeks we may want to invite you to share your image, your word, your story.

Our twins are getting ready to select their five words. Will you join us in #sipgoes52
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