Last week around this time the very first SiP goes Virtual toy photography safari went live. And we have to admit, we did not know how the weekend would go.
We had done our preparations.
We had a good story to tell.
Or so we thought, more on the behind the scenes coming later (cliffhanger).

What we did not know is where we would land.

The secret bag.

Every participant received a secret bag with some magic ingredients, and we kicked in some unknowns as well to spice up the weekend. Along with some group tasks, we asked our toy photographers to work on smaller team tasks that ultimately made up the weekend’s storyline (yep, a book is in the making).

Crash gave the teams some tasks throughout the weekend, and the classic brick seperator made it´s way in to the fun …

The brick separator

And so on day two, the classic orange brick separator that we kicked into Svens secret bag, made an appearance and got the Misfit team completely wild.
The story was looking for a magic rescue to help Miss Fit by the citizens of planet Misfit. The original thinking behind this little storyline was to see the Misfits played by characters like Fabuland, LEGO Friends, Brickheadz, Skeletons, and even the larger Woody by Revoltech that some of us are carrying around.

And there was Sven with his brick separator.

Astrid got her glue gun out, got herself a brick separator and before we knew everyone in the group was playing with their version of Mister Fix-It to rescue Miss Fit before we got to the final storyline. And Fix-It became the new unsign hero of our story.

Chris got the citizens of Misfit, including Fix It to rescue Miss Fit.

The play continued.

We actually enjoyed it so much that the topic came up again in the evening on the after shoot hangout and we all started to play with our versions of Fix-It.

Some of us used glue.
Others used Blu Tack.
And the odd evil person got out his 4mm drill and got creative.
The next day we put it altogether as our selfies.

Are you ready to join in the fun?

Making your own Fix-It is great fun.
We invite you this weekend to make your own picture with Fix-It and tag it to our #SiPgoesFixIt tag

Will you join in the fun?

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