The Easter Egg Hunt

The egg is a symbol of new life and for Christians, it is symbolic of the commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, although many people associate Easter with a deluge of chocolate eggs.

Why do we have Easter eggs?

In fact, a lot of us will enjoy eating Easter eggs over the holiday period, but did you know that originally eating eggs the week leading up to Easter (known as Holy Week) was not allowed by church leaders. These eggs were saved and decorated and given to children as gifts. Decorating and colouring eggs was a popular custom in the Middle Ages. Throughout Europe, different cultures have evolved their own styles and colours.

Over time this exchanging of gifts has developed into a tradition that many people enjoy today. Talking of gifts, the good folk over at TLG have developed the perfect Easter egg gift. A gift that can be played with over and over again, but be warned, it is sadly not edible.

Little LEGO surprise limited edition

The LEGO Limited Edition Easter egg

Nowadays, the Easter egg hunt is a popular egg-related tradition. An egg hunt involves hiding eggs outside for children to run around and find on Easter morning. To point out and this is where the LEGO Easter egg (40371) is genius!

After all the excitement and indulging of the edible eggs, you might just need to bring things back to normal. The LEGO Easter egg will do just that, providing a few hours downtime. Complimenting the vibrant colours of Spring, this little LEGO surprise is a limited edition Egg and will be available on LEGO’s online store from today March 23rd until April 13th 2020 when buying for at least 55€ (or 55£ or 50$). Comprising of 239 pieces, this set features a customisable egg that houses a small, brick-built little chick. Another key point and what is great about this set is that it comes with plenty of small decorative pieces, similar to that usually found in the new LEGO Dots sets.

Easter egg hunts are popular egg-related traditions.

This set is super cute and a great addition to your limited edition lego collection. It is a perfect gift to keep the kids occupied over the holiday period. So all that leaves me to question is why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
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4 years ago

Mine has been ordered. I can’t wait to get it so I can start replacing the Christmas decorations on my desk :D

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