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Yes. The new LEGO Creator Expert car has been released into the wild. The 10271 FIAT Nuova 500 hit the shelves on March 1st.
Of course, we couldn’t wait to take this vehicle out for a test drive.

Out test driver Ken Belville with the brand new nuova500

The Cinquecento

The Cinquecento (also known as the FIAT Nuova 500) is the next vehicle in the Creator Expert series, following legendary cars like the Ford Mustang, the Volkswagen Beetle or the Aston Martin DB5, to name just a few.

But is the FIAT a worthy successor?

Going back to the times when first rumors of the new 2020 model came up and everything seemed to be looking like it would be of Italian origin.
Many AFOLs thought it would be (yet another) Ferrari or a Lamborghini.
I admit I didn’t see a FIAT coming.
But looking at this wonderful model now, I can’t help but saying that this a great choice! It may just be as iconic as a Piaggio scooter ( e.g. a Vespa) or an original pizza from Naples.

Three two Italian legends. (Thanks to @mcmatze_hh for sharing the moment with his Paolina)

What It Is

At first glance, it may seem to be a “back to the basics” model.
There are no steerable wheels here like in the Mustang.
It isn’t a Bond car and thus doesn’t come with an ejector seat or front-wing machine guns.
Instead, the Nuova 500 (or Cinquecento) is a wonderfully shaped and passionately designed model.
And its details are fun to discover.

Technology before space.
Iconic outlines.

LEGO Creator Expert Senior Designer Pierre Normandin turned this model into a well enjoyable building experience.
Not too difficult or nerve-wracking, yet filled with some new parts in a yellow vibrant color and some clever solutions to emulate the iconic shape of a recognizable legend.

The original car may have been a rather simple one.
Then again, some classic beliefs never grow old.
Sometimes less is more.

An ascetic interior.

Amore Giallo

We from StuckInPlastic (that is us) love the FIAT Nuova 500.
We really do.
And what better way to share the love is there than to share it with you?
That’s true.
We’re giving away two brand new copies to two lucky winners of a simple creative challenge.

Let creativity run wild!

The Mission.

Here’s what you have to do.

Create an iconic image of YOUR LEGO Cinquecento together with your favorite landmark and post on IG with the hashtag #sipgoescinquecento.

The fine print.

Take a picture of the iconic FIAT 500 (that is what we mean with Cinquecento but we love creativity so you may blow us away) next to, in front or on top of your favorite landmark. So, create a creative snapshot of the Fiat together with your favorite historical landmark.

The included easel may have given us an idea of the next level of creativity that this little car may take you to. Be creative. A 500. A landmark. An awesome LEGO toy photography.

You can either use the existing 10271 model or build your own version. That can be anything from rather simple to brilliant like the ones featured here and everything in between. And in order to not exclude anyone from joining in with the fun: those tied to their homes by official orders can also build their favorite landmarks to use as a backdrop. And yes it can be minimalistic LEGO in the studio with three bricks. Surprise us.

Post up to five (that is 5, the little brother of 500) different new and fresh pics on Instagram using the hashtag #sipgoescinquecento.
All images must be yours.
The jury (that is us) will pick their two favorite images (based upon originality, creativity, story-telling and/or photographic aspects).
The jury’s decision is final.
The deadline is the 3rd of April until midnight, your local time.

Got questions?

Leave them in the comments below.
No questions left?
Start your engines and let creative energies flow.

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4 years ago

Awesome images. Stefan. I saw them earlier and already mentioned in our chat, but really, they are awesome. You truly have something with cars.

And yes, I will join the challenge with Woody. Just need to find the time to build this beauty (the box has been standing under my desk since the day it was released).

4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Totally agree with you Boris.
Stefan is some kind of a SupercarMan.

4 years ago

I hope I have bulk enough to build the 500 for the idea that popped when I was drinking my coffee. ^^

4 years ago
Reply to  HerrSM

I missed your message, and now I posted all my pictures, an other one just came to life.
A special one for you, maybe. ;)

4 years ago

Oh my…Stefan, the picture with the car and the prince…it’s just amazing! I love the composition and how colors of the “painting” are matching colors in the background.
I will not enter the contest as I have already a little french car that I need to take more often in picture ^^’

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